co-op to introduce compostable carrier bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-24
Packaged shopping bags that can be padded as food bins will be introduced into Co-
Run food stores.
For 6 p, customers can purchase bags that are strong enough to carry heavy objects such as milk and potatoes, even though they are made of natural materials.
Biodegradable bags have been approved for use as waste food packaging with seedling signs to prove that they become compost along with food waste.
According to Co-
In fact, these bags are cheaper than buying a roll of packable food bin liners.
These bags have been tried out in several parts of the country.
They will now put about 400.
Operating food stores in 81 UK local authorities require householders to use bulk bags to dispose of food waste. The Co-
Iain Ferguson, environment manager for Operative Food, said: \"Every packaged shopping bag used is a less traditional plastic shopping bag in circulation.
\"We believe that they will have a significant impact on the number of plastic bags that end up entering the landfill every year.
He added: \"Our goal is to enable our customers to recycle more of the products they buy from us --
From the rest of the food and packaging to the bags they used to take home.
\"As supermarket chains try to reduce the number of single bags, new bags appear --
Use plastic bags in the UK.
It is reported that its food stores used 64% bags less last year than in 2006.
About 8 billion single
In Britain, plastic bags are distributed every year.
Steve Reid, general manager of Somerset Waste Partnership, welcomed the initiative after trying out the bags in the area.
\"It allows customers to take home shopping and then queue up for their food junk caddies with the same bag.
\"It makes it unnecessary for them to buy special liners and encourages more people to support our food waste collection,\" he said . \".
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