Childrens\' designs to be on shopping bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-08
Recently, at an event, some young Sligo school students who participated in the environmental protection activities received prizes.
A theme design competition organized through a quick program.
Fast operation in five regions of the town of Sligo to reduce disadvantages and promote investment, agency and community cooperation
Operational and Strategic Planning.
The competition was promoted in all schools serving the fast area of Sligo town and was a great success, receiving more than 200 entries.
These four award-winning designs will be replicated on reusable shopping bags, which will be distributed to all families in the fast zone to facilitate environmental issues.
Fintan Smith, a student at Sligo Institute of Technology, took part in the competition as part of his student placement at the County Council and it was thanks to his efforts and perseverance that so many entries were received
The four winners of the prize presented by the mayor are: in the category under the age of 12: Our Lady of Mercy National School, Chloe Scanlon from Sheridan, Paris, from the National School of St. Edward, categories over the age of 12: Aisling Foley and deglan connol at Mercy College
The Bree quick plan for Sligo School project has recently developed a five-year action plan for the physical environment initiative, which will be implemented in fast real estate, including Cranmore, forthright, mogula doorly Park and MCR district.
Projects include housing, entertainment and entertainment, roads and transportation, and solutions to improve the real estate environment through cleanliness
Ups, make better use of recycling facilities to engage young people in their own areas.
According to this action plan, the eco-bag competition is reversed through the environmental sector of the Sligo County Council
Garbage/anti-graffiti Grant.
For more details on the quick plan, please contact the quick cooperation
Co-ordinator Pamela anddison, located at the Development Center of Sligo clever Road, or at 071 9111805.
Email pandison @ sligococo. ie
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