charla huber: banning plastic shopping bags is the ‘buckle up’ for our times

by:Sengtor     2020-05-08
I remember wearing a seat belt.
I\'m just a little kid but I still remember all the adults around me talking about it and I was a little angry that the government could tell them what to do. As a five-year-
Old, I will sit behind the car and the adults will remind me: \"It is law to fasten the seat belt,\" although we have been wearing the seat belt.
I grew up in Alberta in 1987. In B. C.
Seat belts have been mandatory since 1977. Often, B. C.
Before Alberta
Plastic, for example-
Package ban to be implemented in Victoria on July.
I was wondering if this would be another issue like seat belts.
It\'s a big deal now, but in a few years we may all get used to it, and that\'s what we do.
Of the 13 cities in our capital region, only one is implementing this plan.
I was on the West Coast and when I first heard about the package ban, I wasn\'t sure if it would affect my daily routine.
Then I walked into a grocery store in Lanford with a sign on the door that said it would take all the bags out of the store in Grand Victoria.
Other West Bank businesses have already started charging for luggage, or luggage is provided only when requested.
I have reusable packages that I use when I remember.
I make conscious efforts to make environmental choices, but I can do better; we all can.
I have a hallway closet filled with reusable shopping bags.
I bought them for about a dollar, took them home and put them in the closet.
Usually my $1 pack or bag is free as promotional items in the event don\'t last long.
Usually, after one or two uses, they tear or break up.
So I ended up throwing them out.
Better or worse than singleuse bag?
In any case, many of these cheap reusable bags are made of plastic.
I often wonder if the stores sell these bags in order to make more money because I know they will be thrown away so customers need to buy more bags.
When I have any environmental issues, I turn to Jill Dukat, founder of the collaborative enterprise.
Doucette helps businesses become more sustainable.
I met her a few years ago when she was a roommate of one of my colleagues.
She really walks when it comes to environmental awareness.
I was nervous talking to Doucette for fear that she would judge me based on my poor reusable stuff --bag habits.
Surprisingly, Doucette, like me, also has a closet full of cheap reusable bags.
She donated them to a thrift store.
High-quality shopping bags made of natural fiber, such as cotton, bamboo, or wood fiber, a material made of wood fiber.
\"The $1 package is a lowcost, low-
Doucette said he explained that we can get more use from these products than one-time use.
\"I think they are the tools to help solve long-term problems.
Reusable bags.
Doucette confirmed my suspicion of reusable plastic bags and single bags
When bags are thrown away, it is not a good choice to use them.
\"They will not break down in our lifetime.
\"I like to buy materials that can be put into the forest and break down within 10 years,\" Doucette said . \".
Before I spoke to Doucette, I never thought about the option of buying a more durable bag.
I\'m sure if I have good bags that I can trust, I\'m more likely to remember them.
\"We need to start carrying luggage like we have keys,\" Doucette said . \".
No matter what we think, the government will continue to ban singles.
Use plastic bags.
Whether you support or not, we need to adjust and adjust according to the idea of reusable bags.
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