cat gets stuck in a plastic bag and all hell breaks loose

by:Sengtor     2020-05-03
A curious cat took the wrong step in a plastic bag and became one of the most unfortunate stars on YouTube this week and a teaching moment for pet owners.
Man, the cat is exploring a plastic bag on the table, and his owner Alassar Martin gently coaxed him in a dramatic whisper: \"Get on the bus, that\'s right, get on the bus all the way.
\"It was a silly joke at first, but it quickly caused the cat to climb in before losing its foothold on the edge of the table.
When all the hell seems to be gone. “Oh my god!
When Buddy turned into a white blur, Martin shouted out that bolts appeared around his home as his master chased.
Those who care about Buddy\'s plight should not be afraid.
At the end of the video, his owner carefully removed the bag from the now calm cat, ensuring his freedom.
A second video posted a day later showed buddy taking a nap on the couch and a cat cuddling with him (
No doubt what he needs is.
\"He was completely fine after that.
He probably spent 2-
Before he chased his game Mouse again and took a 3-minute nap, \"Martin told Huffington Post on Monday.
Video has become one of the most popular videos on YouTube.
But plastic bags should not be available to anyone. to plaything.
Plastic bags like seen in the video can cause the risk of suffocation, suffocation and suffocation.
They are often attractive to cats for reasons including the harsh sound it makes and the associated smell.
Animal advocacy group \"preventing pet suffocation\" recommends that people cut out discarded food bags, especially those designed to be more durable food bags containing snacks and grains, and pet food-keep animals from sticking their heads in.
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\"Once the dog puts his head in the bag, the bag creates a vacuum --
Like a seal on his neck.
The bag tightened his neck and cut off oxygen when he tried to breathe, \"their website warned.
\"Dogs can die in a few minutes!
\"Now, Martin is aware of the dangers that plastic bags can pose, sharing a photo of Buddy reflecting on the hairy situation, including a photo that appears to be shown to Buddy to discuss the risks on the candy phone.
\"He did call the local cat Association and warned them not to play with plastic bags,\" Martin said . \".
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