canada’s reusable shopping bags do not contain high amounts of lead

by:Sengtor     2020-05-07
After a U. S.
Retailers in Canada said the survey showed excessive lead in reusable shopping bags.
\"This makes them (consumers)
It\'s very stressful about things around us, \"said Steve Mitchell, product business development manager at n\' take ecoable. “High doses (of lead)
It\'s dangerous, but there are traces of lead everywhere.
A recent survey by the Tampa Tribune found excessive lead in the \"ecological environment\"
\"Friendly\" bags purchased in major US marketsS. retailers.
Lead is not easy to extract, but lab experts tell the newspaper that when the bag breaks down, the paint will fall off in the landfill over time.
Some retailers announced the recall, Sunday, the United StatesS.
The senator called for an investigation.
In Vancouver, a news agency tested reusable bags from IGA, whole foods, toys fighting city and frugal food.
It was found that all foods contained some lead, and the whole food bag contained the most lead.
Whole Foods questioned the accuracy of the test, but told the station that they would do more tests out of \"enough caution.
Health Canada told the Star that the department \"does not know any events related to lead content in reusable grocery bags . \".
For more details, the department is reviewing the issue.
\"In the bag market in the United States, reusable bags account for 10 to 15 percentage points.
Mitchell said the figure could be 20 per cent in the United States and Canada.
N. buy trusted manufacturing packages for many major retailers including Sobeys.
Since 2007, loblaww has sold more than 35 million reusable bags.
According to a spokesman, no trace of lead was found in regular independent tests.
Metro has sold more than 10 million bags since 2006;
A spokesman said the bags were tested in light of recent concerns and the results were negative.
Mitchell said his company uses the widely held leading toy standard, which is 90 out of millions, as a benchmark.
Solid lead, by contrast, is 1 million parts per million.
Health Canada does not have maximum allowable lead limits for food grocery bags that can be reused.
\"We have tested all the heavy metals in our products and we have never been close to national standards,\" Mitchell said . \".
Lead is useful for manufacturers because it is plastic and cheap, but too much exposure can cause vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions and sometimes death.
Some high-
Over the past few years, the profile toy recall has made headlines due to lead content.
This is the first time a reusable bag has been attacked.
No third-party testing, major retailers do not accept reusable bags, and most grocery stores do their own tests, Mitchell said.
\"It\'s a good thing for us to show that we\'re very good at ensuring testing, but it\'s not fair for the reusable bag industry,\" he said . \".
This is not the first time.
Friendly industries are on the defensive.
In 2009, the Canadian plastics industry commissioned a study that showed that reusable bags could be contaminated with mold and bacteria without cleaning.
On June 2010, Health Canada issued a press release reminding Canadians to wash garbage bins and bags frequently.
It points out that garbage bins can also pick up bacteria from the ground or from the back of the car.
It\'s good for consumers to realize this, Mitchell said, but his company\'s bags are safe.
\"We want consumers to realize now that, in general, this is a very good product that can be used to throw away disposable bags,\" he said . \".
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