california plastic bag ban: will it get there this year?

by:Sengtor     2020-03-05
It seems that California\'s legislature cannot pass meaningful legislation every year to reduce the number of plastic carrying bags in the state.
In fact, last year, the Legislature bowed to the industry and banned cities from charging them, rather than allowing a small fee for luggage.
This is too bad because, as the editorial board of The Times has repeatedly pointed out, a small fee on the package is a better option, fees in different places like Ireland and Ikea show this.
In this way, people can still be convenient if they really want plastic bags;
At the same time, even the prospect of paying a few cents has greatly reduced their use;
At Ikea, the number of such bags used in the first year dropped by about 90%.
Those fragile handling bags are a special pressure on the environment because many of them have found their way to the beach and the ocean, become a huge Pacific Gyre known as the \"big floating garbage belt (
There is also one in the Atlantic Ocean).
Marine life also devours them, but does not digest them, which may make it difficult for animals to eat the food they really need.
Because bags are light and easily blown by the wind, they are also a problem in different wilderness areas where they can suffocate animals.
The state tried to improve the recycling utilization rate of bags but did not succeed.
Other plastic bags, such as plastic bags where you put vegetables or send newspapers, are not the target.
Maybe it is because they are not convenient to carry things, so they can\'t find much on the beach, and the treated garbage is the second common garbage there.
Without any similar practical action at the state level, many cities are moving forward anyway.
Because they can\'t charge for plastic, they are completely banned.
Most of them then charge a small fee on paper bags so consumers can still choose.
Other people ban all kinds of singles.
Use bags like many places in Europe.
Most notably, the city of Los Angeles has passed a ban this year.
Supermarkets are more willing to see a standard rule than this growing patchwork.
If it is to this year, it must happen today.
AB 298 will ban the majority from carrying plastic bags and allow the payment on paper equivalent to the cost of the store.
This will cost consumers very little, and they have now paid for the bag in the form of an input food price.
This is a very small way to make important changes;
The question is whether the Legislature has received an-
The state\'s ban campaign will not disappear.
Yes, it would be better to charge both, but more importantly, move on. ALSOApple vs.
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