california plastic bag ban: new assembly bill is latest in years-long attempt

by:Sengtor     2020-02-21
SACRAMENTO --The years-
Efforts to ban plastic bags at the California grocery store resumed on Monday, when an assembly committee supported a version 2013 bill, the bill requires shoppers to bring a reusable bag or buy a bag for a recycled cash register.
The bill was similar to the legislation at that time.
Over the past two years, Ventura County Council Women\'s councillor Julia Brownlee has failed by a narrow margin each time.
During this period, more than 70 cities and counties in the state passed a ban on plastic bags, about one
California\'s third jurisdiction now lives in such a ban.
\"Single negative impact
\"It is well documented to use plastic bags,\" D-
San Rafael, author of AB 158.
Plastic accounts for 80% of ocean waste, he says, and the country is estimated to spend $25 million to properly discard plastic bags.
The ban will apply to all grocery stores with an annual income of at least $2 million and retailers with at least 10,000 square feet of store space, including pharmacies.
It will also apply to convenience stores from 2016.
Levin said his bill wouldn\'t.
Local regulations have been formulated.
The General Assembly\'s Natural Resources Committee approved the measure, mainly by political parties --
Most Democrats, including Democratic Congressman Darth Williams, voted.
Support Santa Barbara.
It is now proposed to the Appropriations Committee.
As with previous measures, the measure was supported by environmental organizations.
However, unlike the bill that Browley introduced last year, it was not supported by the California grocery store Association.
\"Conceptually, we support the ban,\" said Don Gilbert, a commentator on behalf of Rite. Aid.
\"To our surprise, the current system of local regulations is indeed OK.
Objections from the paper and plastic bag industry.
\"We think there are prohibited alternatives,\" said Paul Bauer, a lobbyists representing the United States progressive bags alliance.
Bag manufacturers.
\"We believe that more than 70% of plastic bags are being reused or recycled.
Reuse of plastic bags is a big deal.
\"Although the recovery rate is still very low compared to other recyclable products, in terms of reuse, plastic bags themselves fall into the category, he said.
People use them to line up for cat boxes and trash cans, pack lunch and carry dirty clothes, he said.
Member Shannon Grove, R-
Becker sfield condemned the bill\'s attempt to \"regulate behaviour by punishing job creation \".
Williams said that the experience of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties is that less than 10% of these plastic bags are recycled and \"The amount of plastic entering the waste stream is quite large . \".
\"Sen introduced a similar bill in the Senate.
Alex PadilaPacoima.
Industry delegates said they supported what Bauer called the third bill, which aims to reduce plastic pollution in various ways.
AB 521 measured by MP Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley. ___(c)
2013 Ventura County Star (
Camarillo, California)
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Camarillo, California)at www. vcstar.
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