california passes plastic bag ban, would be first such law in u.s

by:Sengtor     2020-02-24
Sacramento, California(Reuters)-
The California state legislature issued a ban on plastic bags at the end of Friday.
If signed into law, the measure would be the first such measure in the United States.
Some cities and counties in California and other United StatesS.
States, including Maui County, Hawaii, have made it illegal for grocery stores to pack goods in plastic.
But at the state level, objections from plastic bag manufacturers usually prevail.
California Senate 22 votes
15 for the bill, it must be signed into law.
Jerry Brown, the 30-year-old Democratic governor, did not take a stand on the measure. “Single-
State Senator Alex Padila said: \"Not only do you throw our beaches, but also our mountains, deserts and rivers, streams and lakes using plastic bags . \" He sponsored the bill.
Padila supported similar measures last year, but failed in three votes.
The fate of the bill was uncertain until the last few hours of the meeting after three fewer votes in the state\'s parliament on Monday.
But after gaining support from the union of joint Food and Commercial Workers, the bill passed a second vote in parliament.
The measure will ban grocery stores from distributing singles.
Use grocery bags purchased by customers and provide funds to local plastic bag companies to recreate the heavier ones
Use bags that customers can buy.
Environmental activists have called for a ban on the use of plastic bags, which are cheaper than paper bags, but produce a large amount of garbage that is difficult to recycle.
In California, people are particularly worried about hurting marine life when bags are rushed into the sea.
After his previous bill failed, Padila won support from some California people.
By including the transformation funds, bag-based manufacturers.
But in recent months,of-
State manufacturers opposed the bill and even produced television commercials for secretary of state Padila.
Cathy Brown, managing director of plastic bag maker Crown Poly at Huntington Park, California, said the bill would lead to layoffs for companies like her.
According to the California people\'s estimate of waste by the advocacy group that supports the bill, California uses more than 10 billion plastic bags every year.
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