calif. lawmakers agree to ban plastic bags in many stores

by:Sengtor     2020-04-28
California\'s leading lawmakers have reached an agreement that could result in a statewide ban on carrying
Officials said Thursday that plastic bags will be sold in supermarkets, liquor stores and pharmacies by 2016.
For years, lawmakers at Sacramento have been debating similar proposals, facing opposition from manufacturers who produce billions of plastic shopping bags each year.
The agreement requires the use of $2 million in loans and grants to help these companies re-train workers and translate them into \"reusable bags of the next generation with the smallest environmental footprint \".
A cbs News poll showed a controversial police video showing massive power outages among protesters in Hong Kong.
Kevin de Leon, a Los Angeles Democrat who helped facilitate the deal, said the deal balanced \"the health of the planet and the livelihoods of people \".
\"It bridges the gap and pushes the economy to a green future,\" De Leon said in a statement . \".
\"We will greatly reduce the scourge of single --
Use plastic bags. . .
At the same time increase employment opportunities.
\"Los Angeles and nearly 100 other cities and counties in the state have issued a ban on singles.
Shop using plastic bags.
If approved by the legislature, the bill will extend a similar ban in other parts of the state.
Local laws will continue to take effect.
The bill abstracts that supermarkets must stop using these bags by July 2015, and a year later the ban will be extended to smaller stores.
Plastic bags are prohibited and shops can sell recycled plastic bags
Paper of at least 10 cents per bag or reusable bag.
Similar bans have been imposed in other U. S. jurisdictions. S.
But California is leading the trend on environmental issues, advocating that other states follow suit.
At 2005, nearly 30 billion
According to the bill summary, the use of plastic bags is produced in California, because the ban on cities and counties accounts for half of it.
\"We will continue after this legislation comes into force. . .
\"Zero,\" said Mark Murray, executive director of the California opposition waste organization.
This means less garbage, less pollution and less waste.
Mark Daniels, president of the American progressive bags Alliance, the industry association representing plastic bag manufacturers, called the proposal \"another job --killing, big-
Grocer cash grab disguised as environmental act.
The ban is being pushed by big supermarket chains. . .
\"At the expense of customers,\" he said in a statement . \".
Cathy Brown, general manager, Crown Poly, Bagmanufacturer
At Huntington park outside Los Angeles, saidimport dominates the reusable bag market, and $2 million in training and new equipment proposals will be \"a drop in the bucket \".
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