bye bye plastic bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-26
Ak\'s people praised the state government\'s decision to ban the use of polystyrene containers and plastic bags from next June.
Dr. Datuk Mohamed Amin Zakaria, chairman of the Perak Environmental Committee, said the ban would be phased in from the state government building in June.
The state\'s cafeteria has to use biodegradable containers every Friday.
Starting from January 2017, the second phase of the ban will be extended from weekly to daily.
The third phase, also scheduled for January 2017, will cover the office space of all city councils in the state.
Phase IV, starting from June 2017, will ban the use of polystyrene and plastic bags nationwide. For S.
The 52-year-old Selvamani\'s phased implementation of the ban is a good move as people will have time to adapt to it.
\"It\'s not a sudden move, it\'s good.
It gives people some room to breathe.
\"The government, of course, believes that a cleaner environment is needed, so this initiative has been taken.
Now a lot of people throw rubbish everywhere, especially plastic and polystyrene.
John Liu, a 34-year-old engineer who has been using recyclable bags and food containers to store or keep things for nearly three years, said it was time for the state government to implement such an operation.
\"Consciousness is also very important.
With the help of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the state government should develop plans to educate the people.
\"Law enforcement is not strong enough.
Education is also important . \"
Noor Iwani Rovio, 20, from Penang, thinks the move is correct.
\"When I was in Penang, the state government there had banned the use of plastic and polystyrene.
We are used to the importance of this move.
\"As part of the ban, we had to pay 20 cents for a plastic bag, so we started using bags we made ourselves.
It is eco-friendly.
Hoor Chong Yang, restaurant owner, said that the rule is the rule and must be followed when it is implemented, \"it is meaningless to oppose the ban because it will bring about a better environment, I can actually save some money as well because I don\'t need to buy plastic bags!
Said the 35-year-old who lives in Bercham.
However, a grocery store owner who wants to be called Thilagar believes the move is not good for the community.
\"Well, I do support banning plastic bags for food packaging, but it would be very difficult if people were not allowed to use them.
\"For example, some of my customers go shopping without recycled bags or baskets.
\"I have to charge extra for bags made of recyclable materials and if I do, the customer won\'t be happy,\" he said . \".
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