brownsville isn\'t trashing plastic bag ban

by:Sengtor     2020-02-23
Like Americans around the United States, Maria Escalante and Paul Rubio\'s plans for Saturday include a trip to the grocery store, their first \"inventory\"
Travel has begun this year.
But there was a decision before the Los flesinos trip: a new ban on singles in Brownsville
With plastic bags, if they make 20-
Minutes of Harlingen tour, or looking for reusable cloth bags in the House to make up for lost minutes with reduced road time, they found some bags.
\"I mean, we know why they do this,\" E scalante H-in the city-E-
Her husband had a folded hand in his hand. up bags.
\"They want to be the first green city.
Rubio agreed, \"Mexico is the third --
They have been doing this with these big bags.
We are always the last to start.
We know.
Do we really mind?
\"Nearly three weeks later, for the border city, the plastic bag ban seems unlikely to be a crusader, and it seems that it only makes a few confusing calls to the city fathers, including Mayor Pat.
He said a voter called from Wal-Mart\'s checkout counter and wanted him to let the cashier know that it was OK to give a reusable bag production.
The mayor said he would be happy to step in.
\"A cashier wants to charge for bags of perishable goods,\" he said . \".
\"This is not allowed.
The regulation entered into force on January.
5. Make Brownsville the first Texas opposition to so-
People known as \"urban wind and rolling grass\" are accused of littering, clogging gutters and taking up landfill sites.
The nearby South Padre Island followed on Wednesday.
The regulation will come into effect next year.
Ahumada said he was proud of the law, noting that three years ago he proposed it just to make it fail before the City Council.
\"From day one, I know this regulation is positive for the community,\" he said . \".
In the end, a group of residents known as the Brownsville health community did a lot of legwork and had the council adopt a measure.
Ross Timmer, head of the group, said she is now answering phone calls from across the country and far away from Minnesota.
\"We got calls from some people who thought it was an easy thing to do,\" she said . \". “It’s not.
This is a long process for us. . . .
It took us a whole year to redesign it, redesign it, and make sure the wording was correct.
Brownsville began with a year-long voluntary ban and education campaign.
Chain retailers such as Walmart and H-E-
B. Use cheap reusable bags and reusable bag giveaways at community events.
Local businesses, including a law firm, presented bags with their logo.
The new law allows merchants to run out of existing reusable bags for $1per-
Transaction environment feeThe H-E-
B lot looks calm on Saturday and most shoppers push carts with a variety of fabric bags.
But Noma Grana was not happy for $2.
She said she could put the money on milk and eggs in order to buy the bag.
\"It\'s ridiculous, but what can you do,\" she said . \".
\"We are not used to doing this.
I think we paid too much tax for it.
Thomas Andrade, who works at the parade route meat market and one of his family\'s two small groceries, said, \"It\'s a little difficult for us.
He said: \"groceries now store paper bags at three times the cost of plastic, and nearby customers complain that they need bags to do other things, such as queuing up in trash cans.
\"Sometimes customers are disappointed and don\'t bring groceries,\" he said . \".
\"They said, \'You don\'t have plastic bags. We don\'t want to take anything.
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