britain to introduce 5p plastic bag charge 12 years after ireland

by:Sengtor     2020-03-03
The British government has bowed to pressure to file charges against singles.
Cut the garbage with a handbag.
From October 2015, the UK will charge a 5 p fee to help reduce the number of plastic bags distributed by retailers across the country, many of which will eventually become garbage and damage the environment.
But to prevent the burden on start-ups, small retailers will be exempt from charges
Businesses are growing, the government says.
This fee applies only to plastic bags and not to paper bags that account for a very small proportion0. 1% -
Bags issued every year.
More than 2012 orders at 7 billion
Shopping bags are distributed in the UK.
Wales\'s 5 p tax has been a major success in reducing the number of shopping bags distributed in the country by 75%.
Northern Ireland has also filed charges, and Scotland will do the same this year.
Ireland is one of the first countries in the world to launch plastic bags in 2002.
The evidence here shows that the amount of garbage involved in bags is reduced by 90 PCs.
In the UK, the government has been under constant pressure from rural and environmental activists to follow suit and charge for disposable bags that waste resources, cause waste and damage
But last year\'s plan, announced by the Liberal Democratic Party in Britain, was labeled a \"mess\" by the parliament\'s Environmental Audit Committee.
Members of the committee have warned that plans to exclude biological bags, paper bags and small retailers from the program may confuse consumers and undermine the effectiveness and benefits of the tax.
Experts from the school of architecture in Wales at Cardiff University led a study on the impact of fees in Wales, and they supported the Queen\'s presentation of a plan to introduce fees in England.
Dr. Poorter Poortinga said: \"Our own research has shown that it is welcome to charge a small amount for luggage and a very effective way to change behavior.
\"We found that the postage charge made people more aware of waste and littering.
We have also found that people have become more supportive of the allegations since they were introduced.
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