boots under fire for switching to plastic prescription bags

by:Sengtor     2020-04-15
The use of plastic bags to supply prescriptions has sparked a quarrel.
It started with a Twitter user who used the username @ redribbon226 because she assigned regular medications in \"an oversized plastic bag\" and she called the Commercial Street pharmacy.
The boot quickly responded to the user, explaining that the plastic was used for safety and security purposes-as it allowed a \"check window\" for people to see what it was about.
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@ BootsUK can you tell me why it is necessary to start distributing my prescription in an oversized plastic bag?
It has been in a small paper bag for the past 12 years.
Others, including Labor\'s deputy leader Tom Watson, later spoke on Twitter.
Critics see the use of boots as a \"pointless\" and \"retrograde\" option.
Boots says it is \"committed to reducing single
After the UK plastic agreement was signed last year, the use of plastics \"-however, this rebound shows that the initiative is not enough for some customers.
Seriously, BootsUK?
Nowadays, it is not acceptable to move from paper to plastic to save costs.
Your customers are very angry and confused.
Please sort this out.
We are all trying to reduce the use of plastic and you decided to start prescribing it with plastic bags instead of paper.
What is the reason for this pointless use of plastic packaging?
Plastic pollution plastic waste no plastic single use plastic pictures. twitter.
Bad retrograde decision @ BootsUK-Com/QSoA79sqgyVery-
Having said that, I think it would also be better to support smaller, independent local pharmacies to repeat prescriptions.
Bbc News-plastic crap
A person\'s plastic prescription bag will never accept my prescription in a plastic bag
Boot customers are \"attracted\" by plastic prescription bag and see @ BootsUK is increasing the number of singles
They use plastic bags for their prescription.
This sends out all the wrong messages and there is no lame company excuse to make up for that.
Is it time to support your local pharmacist?
Twitter users are involved in the debate and think the more important issue is drug packaging-which is usually notrecyclable.
Angry with plastic bags for your prescription, with excessive, non-
Recyclable and completely illogical packaging drugs can come in.
There is a mini pharmacy here, something in a full size blister pack, just as stupid as two capsules or summer.
No matter what position you take, plastic pollution has become a growing concern in recent months.
Just last month, McDonald\'s began replacing plastic straws in red and yellow stripes with paper straws-although this does not match the background of some shakes --
Customers drinking
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Use \"-as in, single-
Using plastic-also rated as Collins\'s annual vocabulary in 2018-proves that we are increasingly aware of the devastating impact of plastic use on our environment.
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