boots replaces plastic bags with fully recyclable paper bags

by:Sengtor     2020-03-02
It will become the first pharmacy in Britain to replace plastic handbags with Brown unbleached paper bags.
The program starts today with 53 boot stores nationwide, but will expand to 2485 stores by early 2020.
The brand says the change will remove 900 tons of plastic from the boot shop every year.
Of the 94% people surveyed, 6000 said they welcomed the use of paper bags, and 92% said they were concerned about the number of plastic bags used in the UK. Senior Vice-
Boots James, president and general manager of Boots UK, said: \"plastic trash is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in the world today, and television shows like Blue Planet highlight plastic pollution
Helen Normoyle, marketing director at Botz, UK, said: in recent years, we see a major shift in customer attitudes towards plastics and recycling-showing customers that the time we are taking action to reduce impact has never been as important as it is now.
\"Our new paper bags have been carefully tested to ensure that they are better for the environment throughout the life cycle, while still being a solid bag, for those customers who do not buy their own bags with them when shopping, this is a practical option.
\"The new boot bag is from the UK and is manufactured in the UK by the unbleached Forest Management Board (FSC)
Ceriti recycled brown paper printed with water
Based on ink, so bags can be easily recycled at home.
With concerns about the future of the planet, there are more and more protests in London.
James added: \"This year, as we celebrate our 170 anniversary, we are changing our boots and turning to unbleached paper bags is another critical moment in this journey.
There is no doubt that our customers want us to take action, and this change means that we are a big step away from our reliance on plastic.
\"These packages will have three small, medium and large, 5 P, 7 p or 10 p, respectively, and all the profits will be donated to children in need of help from the BBC to support the disadvantaged across the UK
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