boots is replacing plastic bags with brown paper carriers in 53 stores today

by:Sengtor     2020-02-27
Starting today, boot shoppers will no longer be able to buy plastic bags in 53 stores, and retailers will give up plastic bags in all stores by early 2020.
If you do not bring your own bag, you must pay 5 p, 7 p or 10 p for a small, medium or large paper tote bag
Same as the current cost of plastic carrier boots.
Currently, retailers in the UK have to charge at least 5 p for a plastic bag that will rise to 10 p in January 2020.
Plastic bag charges were first introduced in England in October 2015 after similar plans were set up in Wales in 2011, Northern Ireland in 2013 and Scotland in 2014.
New paper bags for boots will be made from unbleached recycled brown paper printed with water
Based on ink, so bags can be easily recycled at home.
The retailer plans to promote the products to all 2,485 stores by \"early 2020\" and says it will throw away 900 tons of plastic each year.
But Butz says all the profits from selling paper bags will go to charity Children in Need.
Retailers have already used white paper bags in Opticians, pharmacies, and hearing care, although it will also change them to brown paper bags.
Boots says this unbleached brown paper is easier to recycle than white paper because it uses fewer raw materials and the production process is less intensive.
These \"distribution\" bags are not currently charged and the Boots say they will continue to be free. Boots.
Com is also experimenting with new packaged plastic pouch, foam wrap and plastic tape, expected by the end of 2019.
The retailer has reduced the use of plastic, changed the fruit Pan from round to square, and replaced the blue sushi plate with a transparent sushi plate that is easier to recycle.
Senior Vice President of LeBron James
Boots UK president and general manager said: \"Plastic waste is undoubtedly one of the most important issues in the world today, and television programs like Blue Planet highlight the impact of plastic pollution.
\"This year, as we celebrate our 170 anniversary, we are changing our boots and turning to unbleached paper bags is another critical moment in this journey.
\"There is no doubt that our customers want us to take action, and this change means that we are a big step away from our reliance on plastic.
In May, Butz announced plans to \"close hundreds of stores\", a new blow to the high street.
Here\'s what stores are closing and why.
But Boots is not the only retailer to crack down on plastic.
McDonald\'s has thrown away plastic McFlurry covers, while Sprite is throwing away its iconic green bottles and replacing them with more recycled clear plastic.
The government has confirmed that plastic straws, Coffee Mixers and cotton buds will be banned from use from April 2020.
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