boomerang shopping bags instead of plastic for margaret river shoppers

by:Sengtor     2020-04-21
As part of the free plastic in July, fabric bags will be lent to customers who forget to carry reusable supermarket shopping bags with them.
Laura Bailey, the convener of the Cape plastics-free group, explained that the wiggle ang bag is a community bag sharing program.
Operators will provide services at three popular shopping locations.
\"If people forget their bags, they can easily take one,\" Laura said . \".
\"Their idea is to borrow and bring back in later visits.
\"It was the first year of the initiative, but the organization ran plastic-free for the third time in July.
\"At Margaret River, we did a lot of work on disposable plastic bags.
\"This is a real grass-roots, proactive community project, and we hope this project will launch the concept of the Margaret River without plastic bags.
About 30 people attended the sewing workshop, and the school held a busy sewing bee activity.
Fabric and thread are donated, says Laura.
\"This gives people real ownership.
\"She agreed that some bags would be taken away or that people would forget.
\"This is a system of integrity.
Like a library book.
\"All the bags will be stamped with the chapter of the swing ang bag: borrow it back.
\"This is a generation gap to remind people to bring it.
It is about promoting sustainable behaviour and reducing waste.
Laura said: \"The July plastic freedom movement was designed to allow people to think about the use and abuse of a single plastic. \"[This is]
For convenience and convenience, we use plastic for several minutes every day.
This is not necessary and will continue for generations.
\"She lists some products that are easily eliminated: shopping bags can be replaced by reusable fabric handbags.
A personalized coffee cup, not a disposable cup lined with PLA, is a plastic polymer that cannot be recycled.
Stainless steel is a replacement for disposable plastic bottles.
\"We haven\'t bought a plastic bottle since we started using these. \"Straws.
\"We often get a straw in a drink, how often do we take it out directly and never even use it.
This will always exist in the environment.
\"The reusable and washable packaging of sandwiches can replace self-sealing bags that can be used several times but still generate a lot of waste. Plastic tableware.
\"We have light-weight bamboo cutlery, so we will never be found if we have takeout.
\"Bamboo is stronger, washable and reusable.
Arrange the trash cans in a row with newspapers and compost.
\"It teaches you what to throw away,\" Laura said . \".
Laura said Cape freedom has about 180 members and people are getting more and more aware of the movement.
More and more businesses, families, schools and organizations are involved, she said.
Ownership of the community \"is very valuable in creating positive environmental changes \".
\"A school took all their trash cans at lunch time.
They asked the parents to give the children a new lunch: something that was not packed in plastic.
\"Any plastic product that enters the school, the children must go home with their lunch box.
\"Businesses use paper bags in succession, and training staff ask customers if they need bags.
\"More and more people have been involved.
It\'s really exciting.
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