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by:Sengtor     2020-05-10
Jaipur: biodegradable bags made of corn starch may replace the regular plastic bags in the state.
After effectively banning the use of plastic bags, the government has been looking for alternatives.
According to officials, biodegradable bags appear to be the best option and will not hurt animals if swallowed.
\"We are looking for an alternative to environmental protection.
Friendly and easy in the pocket of the consumer.
Among the few options, the biological release bag is best suited to our requirements, \"said an official from the Ministry of Environment.
Bags planned by the government will be made of natural starch
Basic products including corn.
Some field tests have found that they are sturdy and durable, and it can cost Rs 0 for an average size tote bag.
50 to Rs1 more than plastic bags.
According to officials, the plastic bags have been used in some areas, including central state, where plastic bags have recently been banned.
\"Some producers can provide us with biodegradable bags even though they are not in Rajasthan.
\"We expect new players to enter the market once it is put into use and eventually reduce costs,\" the official added . \".
These packages have been certified for the third time.
Party testing agencies in India and abroad.
These bags have also been certified by the central government\'s Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Technology (CIPET).
Recently, JMC has again launched a massive campaign to stop the use of plastic bags.
An official informed that the government banned the sale, manufacture and transportation of polyethylene handbags in August 1, 2010.
A person or owner who violates the code will be sentenced to five years\' imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1.
If a person is found to be in frequent violation of the norm, a fine of Rs 5,000 per day can also be imposed on him/her.
In addition, the state government plans to install vending machines to distribute cloth bags as a replacement for plastic bags.
First, these machines will be installed in public places such as vegetable markets, shopping malls and shopping malls.
For mass manufacturing, the ministry of environment will strengthen ties in the textile associations they have joined
Approved in principle.
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