biodegradable bags \'no answer to waste\'

by:Sengtor     2020-05-10
A waste consultancy says biodegradable bags should not replace regular plastic shopping bags because they do not break down normally in landfill sites.
Bags made of plant starch and other biodegradable substances break down in the compost box without leaving harmful substances.
But Jo Knight, director of New Zealand\'s Zero Waste organization, said they did not break down normally in landfill sites where they were excluded from the weather.
Friends of the Earth-
Director Bob Tate agreed that society has gone too far in using disposable products.
\"The most sensible thing to do is to use reusable bags.
He says many biodegradable packages are corn.
Transfer crops from land that could have grown food. Starch-
If thrown in with plastic, the package-based recycling plan would be \"a mess\", he said \".
Yesterday, several readers emailed the Herald about why the supermarket did not use biodegradable bags.
After a holiday in the UK, Alex Williams came home with several biodegradable supermarket shopping bags and found that they crashed in a hot car in two months.
\"It\'s good for those [people]bags]
\"You can see it on the beach or you can float in the port,\" he said . \"
MS Knight says biodegradable bags are smaller than garbage problems caused by plastic.
However, if they are mixed with plastic bags used for recycling, they may cause problems.
The best option, she says, is to remember to bring reusable bags to the supermarket and recycle the plastic.
Miranda Verswijvelen, a reader from Belgium, said that after plastic bags were banned in supermarkets there, Belgian shoppers quickly learned to bring reusable bags.
People bring crates or reusable bags. . . [If you forget]
\"All you need to do is throw everything in your car trunk,\" she said . \".
MS Knight says biodegradable packaging is a good option to touch food as long as the food is packaged later.
The third choice
Biodegradable plastic bags with chemical additives to help them break down into small pieces
The problem was not solved because the plastic was still left.
Only 0 polyethylene shopping bags.
The garbage is landfill, but it is still kept for decades because they are not broken down.
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