biodegradable bags aren’t better than regular plastic bags, senate inquiry report finds

by:Sengtor     2020-05-10
A new report released after the Senate investigation found that biodegradable bags are as harmful to the environment as ordinary plastic bags.
Source: Getty ImagesCONSUMERS consumers like to believe that we do the right thing for the environment.
The purchase of plastic bags or coffee cups marked \"biodegradable\", \"compost\" or even plain old \"eco-friendly\" helps us sleep better at night.
But a new Senate investigation into the threat of marine plastic pollution in Australia found that \"biodegradable\" Plastic bags are as bad as regular plastic bags.
\"While consumers may feel like they have\" done the right thing \"by choosing biodegradable or biodegradable plastics, these products are just broken down into smaller and smaller parts, become micro plastic read the report according to the findings of the Senate.
\"The committee also notes that there is some confusion in the community regarding the differences between biodegradable, biodegradable, compostable and traditional plastics.
\"The committee strongly believes that educational activities are needed to ensure that consumers make informed choices about the traditional plastic alternatives offered.
\"Reducing landfill is a major priority for environmental groups.
Source: Getty ImagesNormal plastic bags are usually made of oil, while biodegradable plastic bags are made of plant or organic materials and break down much faster.
However, UNSW biodiversity expert Mark Browne, one of several scientists who submitted materials to the survey, said that this biodegradable material is related to the \"environmental impact\" in ordinary plastic bags.
\"These microplastics can be ingested or inhaled by animals,\" Brown told the news . \". com. au.
\"They can enter the lungs or internal organs and transfer chemicals to the blood and surrounding tissues, which may affect their ability to resist infection.
\"In plants, they can stop plants from getting light, and plants need light for photosynthesis and food production,\" he said . \".
Plastic bags can kill marine life.
Here, a scuba diver swims in an abandoned plastic bag wrapped around a coral reef.
Source: Getty Images these microplastics also affect how much food and water animals can consume.
\"These particles fill the internal organs of the animals and they cannot consume as much water or food.
They may die from dehydration, hunger or infection because their immune system has been reduced . \"
\"The public is buying or using these bags, thinking they are a quick solution, but there is not enough testing to prove that they are safe.
Terry Ann Johnson, general manager of cleaning in Australia, told the survey that marine plastic pollution is a growing global threat to biodiversity. “[
She wrote in a submission: \"This has had a devastating impact on the Australian environment, and there is a lot of potential to disrupt our way of life and lead to huge economic losses.
MS Johnson said that Australia\'s marine waste and plastic pollution are the result of international pollution, or waste generated \"at sea\", which is a common misconception.
According to CSIRO, about 75 of our marine litter is produced by the Australian people, \"not on the high seas, debris is concentrated near the city \".
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