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Supermarkets will charge feesonatrial basis for roll-to-rollbags

Supermarkets will charge feesonatrial basis for roll-to-rollbags


Since the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" in Beijing in December last year, the city's plastic shopping bag sales have dropped significantly; the phenomenon of residents bringing their own shopping bags is gradually increasing, but there is also an increase in the use of free roll-to-roll bags in supermarkets. For this reason, Beijing’s “plastic limit order” has been upgraded again, including a trial charge for supermarkets’ roll-to-roll bags.

According to investigations by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment Bureau, since the implementation of Beijing’s “plastic restriction order” last year, nearly 70% of citizens have taken the initiative to bring their own shopping bags to shop, but there has been an excessive use of roll-on bags in supermarkets.

Not long ago, the reporter found in a supermarket that some residents tore off the roll-up bags and put them in their pockets, and they were not used for product packaging. In another supermarket, an elderly couple went to tear the roll-up bag many times in a short period of time and put it into their clothes pocket, and finally took it out of the supermarket.

A supermarket staff: The utilization rate of the biodegradable plastic bag is dropping sharply, and the utilization rate of the roll bag is higher. Now every supermarket has this feature. Many customers know that the biodegradable plastic bag is more expensive. , Many are torn from the inside.

In response to the problems, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment Bureau recently issued the "Beijing Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan 2021 Work Points", which put forward 8 aspects and 35 specific requirements for this year's plastic restriction work.

Some chain supermarkets will experiment with clearly marking the price of plastic roll bags, charging separately in addition to the commodity price, and gradually expanding the scope of the experiment.

Guide some qualified bazaars to take the lead in implementing centralized purchase and sale of plastic shopping bags. A third-party agency is entrusted to conduct random surveys on the implementation rate of the city's plastic pollution control policies every week and form survey reports on a monthly basis.

Develop production enterprises such as plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, plastic tableware, and disposable plastic products in hotels and hotels within the jurisdiction, and dynamically establish production enterprise accounts. The pilot set up a plastic reporting system for some key units.

In addition, it will also cultivate market entities specializing in plastic waste recycling, explore the creation of a commercial model recycling pilot; carry out four types of plastic reduction activities for institutions, schools, communities, and households; and increase the production and sales of plastic products against regulations Law enforcement.

It is understood that since the "Beijing Plastic Pollution Control Action Plan (2020-2025)" was issued at the end of last year, the sales volume of plastic shopping bags in Beijing has dropped by an average of 35%; large supermarket chains and catering companies have gradually eliminated non-degradable disposables. Plastic products; the utilization rate of circulating transfer bags in express outlets has reached more than 95%; most star hotels also do not actively provide the "six small pieces".

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