before a ban, try plastic bag recycling

by:Sengtor     2020-04-24
The San Antonio City Council should lift the ban.
We understand these problems, especially in plastic bags.
Not just ugly garbage, they take hundreds or even hundreds of years to degrade
Even so, they will not eventually break down into microscopic particles.
Luggage is also generally prohibited by the local government.
Communities in Texas and across the country are enforcing the package ban.
But San Antonio is a unique market, and we are very worried about any burden on businesses and consumers, especially the low burden.
Consumer income. If single-
The use of bags is prohibited and it is presumed that consumers will be forced to purchase reusable bags or pay for the use of paper bags.
We strongly object to any costs such as nickel per bag, or even a nominal cost.
We also strongly oppose forcing consumers to buy reusable bags that may have bacterial problems.
Data show that between 2008 and 2012, one out of every five San Antonio residents lives below the poverty line.
By contrast, 17% of Texans and 15% of AmericansS.
During this period, the population lived below the poverty line.
For consumers in this group, any cost is too much.
In addition to this, many people reuse plastic bags for various purposes, so these plastic bags have other value in addition to transporting food from grocery stores to their homes.
We have yet to hear business support for the ban.
And last fall, H-E-
The spokesman told the Express
According to news reports, customers have expressed \"extraordinary\" complaints about the ban in other markets.
When there is a viable intermediate step starting in August, why is this burden on businesses and consumers.
Residents of San Antonio can recycle plastic bags from their homes.
City councillors who proposed a ban on plastic bags last year have been critical of past voluntary recycling as a waste of money with limited results.
But residents had to take their bags to the grocery store. big-
Obstacles to recycling.
Let\'s see if plastic bag recycling has improved over the next year as city residents can simply cram bags into their blue bins (
More details about August. 1).
This may be the right balance between environmental, social and business issues for us.
Bags are forbidden.
After all, it\'s not San Francisco.
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