banning plastic bags \'will drive up greenhouse gas emissions and harm the environment\': the government report that exposes supermarkets

by:Sengtor     2020-03-09
A government report shows that banning plastic bags can harm the environment by increasing greenhouse gases and causing more waste. The little-
The federal government, known 12 years ago, reported warning that if supermarket giants ban singles, forcing consumers to reuse canvas bags would have unintended consequences.
Use plastic bags.
The Productivity Committee sounded the alarm on this environmental policy, more than a decade earlier than Coles and Woolworth banned plastic bag checkout this month. The 500-
The page waste management report, published in October 2006, believes that reusable shopping bags occupy more landfill space than single-use shopping bags
Use plastic bags.
It also cites a report that says banning plastic bags increases greenhouse gas emissions because more energy is needed to produce paper bags and canvas bags.
The company says the greenhouse gas emissions from paper bags are estimated to be about five times higher than the greenhouse gas emissions from plastic bags.
Queensland and Western Australia have banned singles.
Plastic bags have been used since July 1, bringing these states in line with South Australia, the tazhou and the Australian capital region.
The New South Wales government allowed supermarkets to decide on the plastic ban policy, while Victoria gradually imposed the ban from next year.
The productivity committee is also concerned that this policy will cause inconvenience to consumers and additional costs to grocery stores.
The report said that banning the collection and disposal of certain types of waste and recyclable items may cause inconvenience to householders and require them to travel to transit stations or chemical disposal facilities, resulting in additional costs.
In addition, the collection fee will also increase.
For example, a system for more than one bin requires additional collection vehicles and labor requirements.
Since July 1, the Canterbury banks Town Council and the Randwick Council in New South Wales have banned drinking straws, cups and bottles in the event.
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