ban plastic bags? un seeks to cut pollution as recycling falls short

by:Sengtor     2020-04-17
* Less than 10 of all recycled plastics-U. N.
* \"Plastic scourge\" in every place on Earth\"U. N. * U. N.
Environment seeks to fight singles
On June 5, Oslo Alister Doyle used plastic (Reuters)-
Less than a tenth of all plastic made has been recycled and the government should consider banning or taxing --
Use bags or food containers to stop the wave of pollution. N.
Reported on Tuesday that the United StatesN.
World Environment Day
The study is considered to be the most comprehensive review of government efforts to curb single behavior
It is reported that there are as many as 5 trillion plastic bags used every year around the world.
Side expansion-by-
They will cover twice the size of France.
\"The scourge of plastic has spread to every corner of the planet,\" said Defense Secretary Eric Solheim. N.
The report states that the environment was prepared with the Indian government and was initiated with a slogan: \"If you can\'t reuse it, refuse to use it.
\"Only 9% of the 9 billion tons of plastic produced in the world are recycled,\" the report said . \"
\"Most of them end up in a landfill, dump, or environment.
\"China is the largest source of plastic packaging waste, ahead of the EU and the US.
However, per capita output in the United States exceeds that of Japan and the European Union.
However, there are signs that plastic pollution can be limited, plastic pollution can damage life in the ocean, pollute the soil, and release toxic chemicals when burning.
\"Targeted taxes and bans
Well planned and executed
\"This is one of the most effective strategies to limit the excessive use of disposable plastic products,\" the report said . \".
Lead Elisa Tonda in the United StatesN.
According to the environmental sustainable lifestyle plan, more than 60 countries
Use plastic such as plastic bags or polystyrene containers.
30% of countries saw a sharp drop in plastic bag consumption in the first year after the restrictions were imposed, while 20% of countries had little or no change.
But in half of the cases, the government failed to assess the impact of the restrictions, the report said.
In its recommendation, the report called for better classification of waste and recycling and for economic incentives for the ecological environment
Friendly alternatives to plastics, consumer education and promotion of reusable products.
The report also found other cultural aspects. effects.
In South Africa, plastic waste is nicknamed \"New National Flower \".
In Ireland, wind-blown plastic bags caught in trees are called \"Witch\'s panties \". (
Olst Doyle reports;
Editor Kevin Liffy)
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