ban on plastic straws in the offing

by:Sengtor     2020-05-01
It\'s not easy when there\'s no oneplastic-
Selangor ruled on the bag on Saturday, 2010, and I often pay 20 Sen for a plastic bag just because of forgetfulness. But guess what?
The next step is the plastic straw, as the authorities have stepped up their fight against plastic pollution, and Penang is discussing possible bans.
We might get used to it like when the plastic bag ban came into effect and if I didn\'t bring my own bag I wouldn\'t buy anything in the end.
On last January, a comprehensive plastic bag ban was imposed in Selangor and on September in Kuala Lumpur.
It was hard because the department store was soon out of 20 \"lifeline.
I remember I wanted to buy a couple of discounted shirts and the cashier told me that they would no longer distribute the plastic bags even if I wanted to pay 20 Sen.
I bought a woven bag because I forgot to bring mine.
Imagine how many packs I ended up buying in a few months, but I\'m glad I stopped buying after a year.
On the other hand, it is easier for my parents to cope with this change than I thought.
They also picked up my garbage sorting plan at home and never left the house with a few woven bags.
Whenever I need an extra bag, my mom steals one out of her handbag.
It\'s amazing to see how we move forward, not just complain that we can\'t move forward.
Even my Singaporean friend was surprised that the ruling was accepted without fuss.
At present, Singapore has not taxed the use of plastic bags, and countries such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh have implemented this ban since the beginning of 2000.
When we graduate from this stage, our next challenge is to eliminate the use of straws.
This will definitely be harder.
Last week, I met a group of friends at a coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur, one of them ordered the ice latte and the rest of us had a hot drink each.
His cold drink was not from a straw.
He asked the waitress in surprise if she had forgotten to give him one.
\"I\'m sorry, sir. we have implemented it.
\"The straw ruling here,\" she said, pointing to the notice on the wall.
Needless to say, my friend was not impressed and his conclusion was that the cafe should have informed him earlier.
Believe me, it can be confusing to have a cold drink without a straw, especially if you are really thirsty.
Some drinks can also make you look like a \"milk beard\" which is not pleasant if you are in a business meeting.
These are just minor reasons and we do need to find a way to start saying no to the straw.
The ruling has not yet been applied in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
However, it seems that our friends in Penang will lead again.
The Penang government announced last month that it was considering banning plastic and single straws.
Use plastic such as plastic covers and cups.
When City Council Mayor Yao dongsang proposed a ban, chief minister Zhou kangye responded \"just do it \".
In my opinion, we should not wait until someone tells us to reduce the use of plastic.
We can start by ourselves and encourage our friends slowly.
As an avid runner, I noticed that some of the race organizers have begun to introduce the \"bring your own\" cup system at the water station.
It\'s also good to bring your own food containers and take food from restaurants or food stalls, rather than putting them in biodegradable boxes.
A straw can be a hard thing to refuse, but maybe you can buy a bamboo straw or a stainless steel one and remember to take it with you when you go out for dinner.
At the same time, I will have more hot coffee or bottled cold drinks now.
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