ban on plastic carry bags ineffective

by:Sengtor     2020-04-30
On World Environment Day (June 5)
Last year, Kerala supermarket Welfare Association (SWAK)
It is announced that plastic bags will no longer be provided in supermarkets in the city.
The project was later extended to the entire Kozhikode.
However, after more than 9 months, the only change on the ground is to replace the polyethylene bag with polypropylene (non-woven)
Bag, more dangerous version.
Originally planned, the SWAK authorities said they would supply bags from supermarkets registered with the association, and bags priced at £ 15 can be exchanged at the same price in any supermarket.
They also plan to supply plastic bags at a certain price until the bag becomes readily available.
However, the free bags shown in the supermarket will disappear in a few months. “The non-
The biggest obstacle we face is the supply of cotton bags . \"M. Haneefa.
The association cooperated with Niravu Vengeri on the supply of cloth bags, but the latter was unable to meet the huge demand. Non-
Customer Compliance is another issue.
\"Customers complain when they have to pay for cloth bags after shopping.
They would rather let us pack our shopping items in cartons . \"Haneefa.
The main purpose of the ban on plastic bags in supermarkets is to reduce garbage and encourage customers to carry shopping bags themselves.
The purpose was defeated because the customer didn\'t care to carry the shopping bag with him or pay 3 to 5 for the non-shopping bagwoven bags. Draft by-
Meanwhile, the draft of Kozhikode
The Waste Management Act, recently adopted, insists that it will not only be sold, but also be punished for owning and displaying plastic bags.
Company Health officerS.
Gopakumar says civic groups will take tough action on the use of plastic and non-plastic
Woven Tote bag and various disposable items
The law was recognized by the government.
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