balenciaga is at it again with this £645 plastic bag shirt

by:Sengtor     2020-04-25
Remember your mom digging a hole in the bin on Halloween?
Add a weird hat)
Will you be a witch of the day? As an adult, would you like to reproduce this for 645? Thanks to the Spanish Balenciaga fashion company, your time is now young.
The people who brought us, and a remake of an came back again, with a strange style, most likely at t-minus two days.
Now on sale, self. Titled \"plastic\"
At the end of last year, Bin shirt debuted at Paris fashion week for £ 645.
It is, of course, a statement made of 100% polyethylene-the same material as for making plastic bags.
The washing instructions are not announced yet, but it looks like a wet sponge may work.
However, what you really pay for with this dress is the brand.
The back of it says the name of the brand in big gold letters, so everyone knows you\'re all about fash.
Plastic may not be popular in packaging, but this is not the only product that has hit the mainstream recently.
Celine sold a plastic handbag for over £ 400, and Burberry released a transparent plastic mac by 2018.
None of these avatars, however, are so literal that\'s why people are so shocked by this green miracle.
Live, let live. You do you.
If you decide to wear this bad boy, maybe just stock up on antisweat.
Plastic bags are not good for circulation.
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