bagging plastic: los angeles joins a growing movement to ban plastic shopping bags.

by:Sengtor     2020-04-22
Most of us do this every day without much thought: buy things and take them home with a disposable plastic bag.
But efforts are growing across the United States. S.
The purpose is to get people out of this habit. More than 100U. S.
County, major cities--
Like Seattle and Austin, San Francisco. -
Plastic shopping bags are now prohibited.
When Los Angeles became the largest city in the United States in January, the movement was greatly promoted. S.
Shopping bags from city to bank.
\"Our idea of buying plastic bags in grocery stores has become part of our culture-\" said Zola Berger --\"
Schmitz, a junior high school student in Los AngelesA.
They collected the petition and submitted it to the city council that approved the ban last summer.
The bans, she says, are \"designed to reduce pollution a little bit.
\"Zola, after watching a film about plastic three years ago, began to worry about the impact of plastic on the environment.
Called Pacific garbage station-
A whirlpool of plastic waste and other garbage floating between California and Hawaii.
Environmental activists say it can expand twice as much as Texas.
According to US media reports, about 100 billion plastic bags are used in the United States every year to suffocate turtles and whales. S.
International Trade Commission
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 2012 of Americans produce about 32 million tons of plastic waste, including shopping bags and beverage bottles, of which only about 9% are recycled.
The rest is piled up in a landfill, where decomposition can take up to 1,000 years;
Or flushing the sewer;
Or blow to the rivers and seas.
In the water, plastic bags pose a special danger to animals such as turtles, seabirds and whales, which are not only caught by bags, but often mistakenly thought to be food, lived by their choke, and then died
\"We are no longer living in a world where we can pretend that what we do on land will not affect the ocean,\" said John hochwal, a sapphire biologist at Greenpeace.
Is plastic bags also a consumption of natural resources?
Plastic bags consume millions of barrels of oil each year, most of which are imported from overseas, environmental activists say.
However, the plastic bag industry says most plastic bags in the United StatesS.
Natural gas products from the United StatesS.
Mark Daniels, who represents the American progressive package AllianceS.
The plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry thinks the ban is wrong.
Nine out of 10 Am Americans use plastic bags to pack lunch, lining trash cans, and walking dogs, he said.
The bags can be recycled, he said.
They are more practical than reusable cloth bags.
\"The eco-activists really think that everyone will leave their house with reusable bags in the morning because they want to get something on CVS,\" Daniels said . \".
The industry has also raised economic objections to the ban: the United States has more than 30,000 people nationwide. S.
There are jobs related to the manufacture and recycling of plastic bags, and it is forbidden to endanger them, Daniels said.
There is even a ban campaign.
Last year, after Austin\'s plastic bag ban came into effect, Texas Representative Springer introduced the shopping bag Freedom Act in legislation to \"stop excessive expansion by big governments \".
\"The bill is pending. The U. S.
Not the only place to ban plastic bags.
Plastic shopping bags are banned in China, Italy, Bangladesh, Australia and Rwanda. In the U. S.
Environmental activists have also been targeting plastic bottles that can be processed.
The town of Concord, the Grand Canyon and several other national parks in Massachusetts, as well as some universities, are now banned from selling plastic bottles.
San Francisco began banning the sale of public property this month.
Of course, banning is not the only way to reduce the use of plastic.
New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia are considering using market forces such as taxes and fees to stop people from using plastic bags. Washington, D. C. , has had a 5-
Tax on plastic bags for more than four years.
California state Senator Alex Padilla is sponsoring a bill that will make California the first state to ban plastic bags across the state.
\"We have lived without being single for thousands of years --
\"Plastic bags,\" he said . \"
\"I think we will have a good time without them.
But Elizabeth Rosenthal, who reports the environment for the New York Times, points out that even progressive cities like New York are having trouble throwing away plastic bags. In 2008, then-
Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to pass a 6-cent bag tax.
Rosenthal wrote: \"In a city where dog owners are forced to pick up pet trash and are banned from smoking in parks,\" \"Why is it so difficult for people to shop with reusable shopping bags?
\"Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. SOURCE: U. S.
90% of Americans in the Environmental Protection Agency reuse plastic shopping bags.
SOURCE: American Plastic Bag Alliance bagged plastic Lexile score: 1260L critical thinking Los Angeles recently joined a list of more than $100S.
Cities and counties where plastic shopping bags are prohibited.
Why do you think plastic bags are everywhere in American culture?
How much do you estimate you used in a week?
* What\'s the problem with plastic bags?
* Why plastic-
The bag manufacturing industry believes that banks are unnecessary?
Writing Tips write a law about plastic bags that you would like to place in your city or town.
Should the bag be banned?
Taxes and fees used in the package?
Or would you prefer a \"ban\" like the upcoming shopping bag Freedom Act in Texas?
Use the details in the article in your reply.
Debating which side of the plastic-
Do you think it\'s more convincing? Why?
The environmental protection group said What problems did plastic bags cause?
Do you think these problems are serious to the point where plastic shopping bags are banned?
The plastic industry believes Americans will reuse plastic bags when loading trash cans and packing lunch.
Do you think this is an effective view? Why or why not?
If there were no plastic bags, what could people use to do such a task?
What impact could the Los Angeles ban have on the campaign to abandon plastic shopping bags?
Why does the New York Times environmental writer elislav Rosenthal cite the New York case to point out the difficulty of getting people to stop using plastic bags? Do you agree?
In 1977, fast fact introduced plastic shopping bags as a replacement for paper bags. www. Upfrontmagazine.
Com download an infographic about marine litter as an attachment to the article.
Course standard * theme/NCSS current affairs environment * characters, locations and Environments * common core of culture read message text: literacy in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, historical/social studies;
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 test 1 bag of plastic (1)
In January, Los Angeles became the largest city in the United States. S.
City A requires plastic shopping bags to be recycled, and City B requires domestic natural gas to be used instead of foreign oil to make plastic bags.
C. plastic shopping bags are prohibited, d. tax on plastic shopping bags. (2)
According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans recycle--
Their plastic crap.
A. 3 % B . 9% c. 35 % d. 70 % (3)
Huge swirls of plastic garbage and other garbage floating in--
It can expand twice as much as Texas.
The Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Luis Anna, the c Pacific Ocean, near the d Pacific Ocean in northern Alaska, between California and Hawaii (4)
Which of these is not an argument put forward by the plastic bag industry?
Plastic bags are prohibited across the United States. S.
Harm 30,000 work, many Americans use plastic bags again, c plastic bags destroyed in the first few weeks of the landfill area, plastic bags are more practical reusable cloth bags. (5)
The recently proposed shopping bag Freedom Act in Texas will ban plastic bags across the state to protect wildlife, B stop the government from banning plastic bags and c fund research into biodegradable plastic bags, stores are required to sell reusable shopping bags. (6)
According to this article ,--
It is one of several countries in the country that ban the use of plastic bags.
A China B Canada c Japan d France IN-
Deep questions (1)
Do you think the ban on plastic bags is an example of excessive government expansion? Why or why not? (2)
What are some of the \"market forces\" that are sometimes used to stop plastic bags from being used?
Do you think they work? Explain. (3)
Why do you think it is difficult for some people to stop using plastic shopping bags?
Answer key quiz 1 * page TG 5 (1)[c]
Plastic shopping bags are prohibited. (2)[b]9 percent (3)[d]
The Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii (4)[c]
A few weeks later, the plastic bags were broken down in the landfill. (5)[b]
The government is prohibited from using plastic bags. (6)[a]
Ian Lovett, New York Times, reports.
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