b.c. judge approves victoria\'s plastic bag bylaw going into effect in july

by:Sengtor     2020-03-01
Mayor Victoria praised the court\'s victory by allowing the city to enact a Charter prohibiting grocery stores from offering or selling plastic bags to shoppers.
Lisa said at a press conference B. C.
The Supreme Court\'s ruling is an important step in getting rid of unsustainable business practices from a single
Use plastic bags.
The Canadian plastic bag Association questioned the charter, saying it was equivalent to an environmental regulation that the city had no right to enact without provincial approval.
Judge Nathan Smith said that the charter is characterized by commercial regulations, although some members of parliament may be considering how waste plastic bags affect municipal facilities and services out of widespread concern about the environment.
The charter, which came into effect on July, calls on businesses to charge customers 15 cents for paper bags and a reusable bag, but small paper bags for items such as bulk food, meat, baked goods and plants are still free.
In next January, the cost of a paper bag will increase to 25 cents, and the cost of a reusable bag will increase to $2.
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