autopsy hearing told winnipeg storage locker babies found in garbage bags

by:Sengtor     2020-05-11
Police officers who searched the lockers where six dead babies were found said the remains were in garbage bags, plastic containers in the kitchen, and a bucket in a box.
On Friday, the police read out part of a report in court about who should be allowed to observe the autopsy at a hearing.
The police received a phone call on October, the report said.
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Upon entering the locker, the Haul facility smelled a strong smell and saw the \"sticky bag \".
Police records show that the body was found to be wrapped in garbage bags and placed in luggage bags, handbags or plastic containers.
A body was wrapped in towels and garbage bags and stored in a bucket.
Debbie balls, an official lawyer, said an official managed to pry open a container and saw \"the limbs belonging to the baby \".
She said the locker was not filled with personal items.
It is sparse and contains only bags and containers that are clearly for the sole purpose of storing the remains.
\"They were all found in a small place.
\"Since the forensic office has jurisdiction over human remains, it is called immediately,\" said Buors.
Andrea Giesbrecht was arrested shortly after four murder charges, but was charged with six charges of concealing the body and a charge of violating probation. The 40-year-
When the police discussed the details of the findings in court, old showed little emotion.
Police say the condition of the body is that it may take months of forensic examination to know who the parents are, how the baby died, and whether they are full-term.
Greg Brodsky, counsel for Giesbrecht, tried to obtain a court order allowing the pathologist of his choice to observe the autopsy, although the forensic office said that the autopsy was almost complete.
At the hearing on Friday, Brodsky referred to the remains as \"foetuses\" and said they would not be considered as people under the law if they were less than 20 weeks pregnant.
He said the autopsy must also determine whether the baby is stillborn.
Brodsky suggested that this decision might come down to the question of opinion.
\"It\'s like a traffic accident,\" he told provincial court judge Brian Colin . \".
\"Although two people look at the same thing, they see different things.
Thambirajah Balachandra, chief forensic physician of Manitoba, objected to Brodsky\'s request.
It was like having the accused in the examination room, he said.
Brodsky said the police could observe the autopsy, so his client should have the same rights.
\"According to the Crown, the person who lost the most has no right to be there,\" Brodsky said . \".
\"If you work hard enough, you may find evidence that does not exist.
\"He pointed out the notorious case of a woman in Australia accused of killing a baby, although she always said the baby was killed by wild dogs.
She was finally acquitted.
\"Looking at the same injured person sees a different thing,\" Brodsky said . \".
The judge asked the lawyer if he would be satisfied if the police were also excluded from the autopsy room.
Brodsky said he would consider the suggestion if the pathologist was not allowed to watch the examination.
Buors argues that the provincial court has no jurisdiction over the forensic office.
The remains, Buors said, were seized by the office under the death investigation Act rather than the criminal code and could be enforced by provincial courts.
She said the royal family would move to the Queen\'s Court that the hearing was not within the scope of Colin\'s court.
\"Forensic doctors have exclusive jurisdiction to conduct investigations,\" she said . \".
\"The court has no right to interfere with the death investigation Act.
\"This is not clear.
Colin retained his decision and said he would make a ruling as soon as possible.
Buors admits that \"everyone may not be here\" if the remains are identified as less than 20 weeks pregnant, but that is not yet confirmed.
\"We didn\'t know the results until the autopsy was over.
Reader note: This is a revised story.
Earlier versions misspelled the prosecutor\'s last name.
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