australians are so angry with plastic bag charge ‘they’re strangling shop staff’

by:Sengtor     2020-04-19
Australians don\'t charge much for plastic bags.
Shoppers downstairs are clearly fighting with supermarket staff as they are not happy with having to pay 15 cents (8p)for the bags.
Things got so bad that a customer allegedly tried to throttle a female clerk in Woolworth, in the west coast city of mandura, on June 22.
Ben Harris is the assistant secretary of the Western Australian store, distribution and joint Employees Association (SDA)
He walked behind her and put his hands around her throat.
\"I don\'t know how much pressure he put on, but any physical contact is appropriate, especially if it\'s coming in from behind, which I think is particularly scary.
Carl Webb, general manager of Woolworth state, confirmed that the police had received a phone call and that the customer concerned was prohibited from returning to the store.
He also said the employee was supported.
Mr. Weber said: \"The safety of our team is critical and in no case will we tolerate abuse against them.
Supermarket staff also had to deal with customers who forced customers to overload plastic bags and unsanitary bags that previously contained vomit or dirty diapers.
The SDA union has now launched a public information campaign to prevent customers from venting their frustration to their employees.
Although Queensland\'s environment minister, Ian Enoch, believes customers will eventually get used to starting over again
Use bags in the supermarket.
\"Some of our members of the public need some time to get used to remembering reusable bags with them, but many of us just use it as a daily practice and it won\'t take long,\" she said.
From July 1, singles will be banned in almost all states.
Plastic bags are used, but so far the two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria, have decided not to ban plastic bags.
Retail giants Woolworths and Coles, which account for 70% of Australian supermarkets, will impose bans on all stores.
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