are \'biodegradable\' plastic bags any better for the planet?

by:Sengtor     2020-04-29
Although the company has got rid of a single store
Using plastic bags, researchers now question whether their \"biodegradable\" alternatives are better.
A European study published today in the journal Open Science of the Royal Society believes that existing industry standards and test methods are not enough to predict single biodegradable capabilities
Use plastic bags in lakes, rivers and oceans.
This is because there is not enough understanding of how these materials are broken down in the environment.
Disadvantages of the test program itself.
The researchers wrote that products that have passed the biodegradable test developed for the freshwater environment, if deposited in marine habitats, will still show extremely slow biodegradable speeds, \"have a direct impact on their environmental impact and fate \".
\"Successfully addressing these knowledge gaps is a key requirement for the development of new biodegradable standards (s)
Light weight transport bag.
\"Thomas nezete, professor of engineering at the Oakland Institute of Technology and president of social responsibility engineers, said the new study helped\" destroy \"the idea of a plastic bag, the label of this plastic bag is \"biodegradable\" and is safe for the environment.
\"The current standard does not correctly consider the real situation
Living conditions therefore underestimate the rest time
\"The era of plastic materials has passed,\" Neitzert told the New Zealand center for scientific media.
The standard also does not take into account the damage of rest --
When marine organisms are digested, their particles are reduced, he said.
\"A biodegradable plastic bag from which it enters the water to dissolve into micro or nano-particles over the years is a potential hazard for marine life.
\"Neitzert is not one of the authors of the study,\" he said.
The existence of traditional plastic bags and so-
Biodegradable plastic bags, known as compost materials, also disrupt the current recycling business and confuse the public.
\"In many cases, biodegradable plastic bags are made from crude oil and require carbon
\"Based on the production process, carbon dioxide or methane is emitted when degraded,\" he said . \".
\"On the way to the trough
Therefore, we should carry, like parents, a reusable bag made of cloth or jute.
\"Like many standards, with the changing conditions of laboratory testing, there is a gap between laboratory testing and the outside world --
In this case, regarding the season, the temperature and the concentration of the chemicals.
Waste water, fresh water, and plastics present in the marine environment and standards have never covered all of this, he said.
In fact, these standards often underestimate the service life of plastic products, sometimes even for decades.
Test duration is usually only six months.
Except for two years of marine conditions-
Neitzert explained that the test conditions were not accurately described in terms of the size of the inoculum and the material.
Dr. Leung hoe, lecturer in Chemical Science at the University of Auckland, said there was no magic bullet to solve the problem of plastic pollution.
Liang Zhenying said: \"The government and the international community must review the current international standards and test methods so that we can obtain realistic models to predict the biodegradable capacity of plastic materials in different environments.
\"Research funding should be spent so that both universities and the industry can develop materials with better performance, balancing the need for durability and biodegradable.
\"Alternative methods such as the use of plastic
The situation of edible bacteria should be investigated so that we can find new ways to decompose and recycle existing plastic waste in a more efficient way.
Professor Kim Pickering from the College of Engineering at Waikato University said it would be better to design the product from the beginning and take into account the end of life while looking for ways to increase the value of waste plastics.
\"In describing things as \'single-use\' plastics.
About 1 is used by New Zealanders.
6 billion single-
Plastic bags are used every year and these plastic bags end up being buried in landfill, landfill or ocean where, when fish swallow them, they suffocate animals or break down and enter our own food chain
This month, Warehouse Group became the latest retailer to give up all single items
Use plastic checkout bags and replace them with fully packable bags. Those plant-
The bag is designed to break down in compost within 12 weeks without toxic effects.
By the end of this year, the initiative will be rolled out in all 254 warehouses, warehouse stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7 stores across the country.
The move comes from food and countdown plans to phase out Singles
Use plastic bags by the end of 2018.
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