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by:Sengtor     2020-04-28
Repak boss is proud of the recycling record in the packaging industry so far, and he is looking forward to the ultimate move towards full recycling
WasteREPAK chief executive Andrew Hetherington, who is not an Irish supporter of a tax on plastic bags, believes newspaper and magazine publishers should be responsible for recycling their titles.
He did not agree with the plastic bag tax at the time and is not a fan of the measure now. The much-
Boasting about the success of 15c levy did not impress Hetherington, who has worked all his life --
Science and the environment.
\"It shows that many experts from other European countries have come to Ireland to study how the government\'s tax on plastic bags works.
But so far, no other country has implemented this plan . \"
Repak boss, who is responsible for recycling as much of the country\'s packaging waste as possible, said that due to the tax, the number of plastic packages being used has not decreased.
\"Our research shows that once
Plastic shopping bags are recycled as pedalsbin liners.
People complain that plastic bags are caught on trees, etc.
But that\'s not the fault of consumers repeating their shopping bags, \"he said.
He said the number of paper bags has increased since the tax was imposed.
However, he acknowledged that the tax on plastic bags was a very successful initiative in raising awareness of recycling.
Repak has just concluded its annual Recycling Week, which focuses on initiatives to increase the number of recycled packaging materials.
Now is a good time to measure the success of Repak, an industry organization set up for collaboration
Coordinate and monitor compliance with package recycling 1996 EU directive.
Hetherington believes that the Repak and packaging industry has done a very good job of increasing the proportion of bottles, wrappers and newspapers recycled a few years ago from 25 pc to 50 pc today.
The deadline is 2005.
From 2006 to 2011, it needs to be further increased to 60 PCs, which Repak ceo sees as a bigger challenge.
\"Minister Noel Dempsey said we will not be able to get it from 25 pc to 50 pc.
\"I am confident we can do this in a timely manner, but I realize that the next 60 PCs will be more difficult to achieve,\" Hetherington said . \".
He believes that before more packages used in Ireland can be recycled, regulations and charges based on the \"paid by polluters\" principle need to be implemented. \"Pay-by-
As consumers become more aware of the weight of bottles and cans they ship to landfill sites, weight is the way forward.
However, many local authorities do not have the funds to install the weething pot on all their garbage collection cards, which takes time, \"he explained.
Repak finds it easy to collect recycled packaging material from the industry itself, describing it as a simple back
Doors operated by licensed contractors such as Oxigen and Ipodec.
But there are difficulties.
\"About half of the typical home recycling stations are newspaper, but the publishing industry here is not as involved in recycling programs as in the UK, and you can bring your newspapers and magazines back to the news agency for recycling.
\"If it is not isolated and compressed by other garbage, it will be landfill,\" he said . \".
He welcomed Irish newspaper publishers to now take back unsold copies of their titles, while in the past they just collected banners from the front page.
\"Newspapers, especially on weekends, are getting bigger and bigger.
\"There is something that must be done in this industry,\" he said . \".
Another difficulty facing Hetherington is that the impact of local manufacturers and distributors on packaging design is minimal.
\"We can do a great recycling program here with coca.
Coke or McDonald\'s.
But the decision to pack the product in a bulky way is not decided in Ireland.
\"This is an unfortunate feature of small markets,\" he said . \"
However, the Repak boss is optimistic about everything.
Ireland\'s recycling plan and looking forward to a single paper or plastic recycling plant for the island.
\"We miss clonske\'s Irish glass bottles and Smurfs paper mills very much, but we need more recycling plants, which requires all the waste in the country and the support of the European Commission, he said. \"Before power-
Sharing crashes, we\'re close to everyone.
\"We will implement the island waste recycling initiative,\" he explained . \".
However, Hetherington itself does not object to plastic packaging.
\"As a young environmental scientist, I saw what happened in Russia at the time because they didn\'t provide the right packaging for their crops.
\"Because there is no packaging infrastructure, a large number of their products rot in the warehouse.
\"Packaging protects food and carries clear information in the event that consumers are allergic to peanuts or penicillin.
\"It allows food to be frozen and shipped to the market,\" he said . \".
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