aggressive growth: graphic packaging holding

by:Sengtor     2020-04-18
Graphic Packaging Holding Company (NYSE:GPK)
In the past few months, it has witnessed a sharp increase in income estimates, following the third increaseQuarterly results. With a long-
Expected revenue growth rate of 17.
0%, with a focus on cost reduction, new product development and acquisition plans to expand its geographic footprint, the zack1 ranking (Strong Buy)
Packaging Solution Providers seem likely to be aggressive --
Growth investors.
Third release of Graphic Packaging report in October 25, 2012
Quarterly earnings of 11 cents per share exceeded Zacks\'s consensus forecast of 37 cents.
5%, an increase of 22% over last year.
Revenue growth and strong operating performance contributed to revenue growth.
Revenue rose 3% year-on-year to $1.
1 billion, thanks to growth in all segments, good quantity/mix, new product launches and market share growth.
Revenue from the cardboard packaging sector grew by 2% to $0. 929 billion.
With the help of Delta Natural, LLC and Mid, flexible packaging revenue increased by 10% to $0. 176 billion
American Packaging Co. , Ltd.
In terms of profitability, Graphic Packaging benefits from increased productivity, cost reduction initiatives, lower input costs, and strong manufacturing performance.
Gross margin rose 22% year on year to $0. 188 billion, while gross margin rose 270 basis points to 17%.
Adjusted operating profit increased by 20% to $93 million.
EBITDA after adjustment (
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization)
$0. 17 billion, up 12% year on year.
The Zacks Consensus estimates that RiseFor\'s 2012 earnings estimate is 2 ahead of schedule.
Rose 9% in 60 days to 36 cents per share as six of the seven estimates rose.
This reflects a year. over-
Annual growth of about 39. 6%.
The Zacks Consensus is estimated to have increased by 4 for 2013.
Out of the 7 total estimates, there are 4 revised upsides and 8% at the same time.
This is a yearover-
Annual growth of 20. 9%.
Valuations look attractive, and graphic packaging is currently trading at a forward price/earnings ratio of 17.
25x, an average of 18 fold 5% to the peer group. 25x. The price-to-Book 1.
92x is slightly lower than the average group of equal groups. 96x.
And the price-to-
Sales ratio 0.
50x is lower than the average 0 of the peer group. 65x.
Founded in 1992, Marietta, Georgia. -
Mainly in Graphic Packaging, the market value is about $2.
5 billion. provide cardboard and integrated cardboard packaging solutions in the United States, Canada, Central/South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
It operates through two parts.
Cardboard packaging and flexible packaging.
The cardboard packaging section provides cardboard cartons and carriers designed to protect and contain products such as food, detergents, paper products, beverages, and health and beauty aids.
The flexible packaging part of the product includes multiple
Wall bags, Wood tile bags, plastic bags and film for construction materials, retort bags, medical test packs and bulk packs.
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