Why use biodegradable plastic bags? What are the advantages of fully biodegradable plastic bags?

  • 2022-11-22
Biodegradable plastic bags are a product that has been brought to the public's attention after the national plastic ban. Compared with the original ordinary plastic bags, what are the advantages of biodegradable plastic bags? The advantages of biodegradable plastic bags let's take a look at them.

Land resource mitigation
In human history, plastic bags are too convenient to use, resulting in People's Daily life has been inseparable from plastic bags. The convenience of plastic bags leads people to forget that the original purpose of plastic bags is not disposable products, often used once and then thrown away. However, many people do not know that the main raw material of plastic bag production is polyethylene, which is very difficult to degrade. A large number of discarded plastic bags are buried underground, which will lead to a large area of land occupied for a long time because of the burial of plastic bags, which is "white pollution". The problem will be solved when people switch to biodegradable plastic bags. Compared with the original polyethylene plastic bags, it is very difficult to degrade, and the degradable plastic bags only need a few months to complete the degradation, which greatly alleviates the waste of land resources.

Reduce carbon emissions
Biodegradable plastic bags have one other thing to be praised over traditional plastic bags: carbon dioxide emissions. Biodegradable plastic releases less carbon dioxide during degradation than conventional plastic. Because biodegradable plastic bags are not made from polyethylene, they release about 2kg less carbon dioxide than conventional plastic.

Reduce Energy consumption
Plastic bags use almost half as much fossil fuel as they do in the production process. For example, if all plastic products in the world were to be converted to biodegradable plastic bags in a year, about 1.3 billion barrels of fossil fuel could be saved a year, accounting for almost a portion of global fossil fuel consumption.

Plastic bags may be a "necessity" in everyday life, but biodegradable plastic bags can turn them into replaceable items. To make the environment more pleasant, biodegradable plastic bags are essential.

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