What is the use of biodegradable bags?

  • 2022-07-11

1. Physical maintenance. The food stored in the packaging bag needs to prevent kneading, collision, feeling, temperature difference and other phenomena.

2. Shell maintenance. The shell can separate food from oxygen, steam, stains, etc. Leak proof is also a necessary element of packaging planning. Some packages include desiccants or deoxidizers to extend the shelf life. Vacuum packaging or removing air from degradable packaging bags are also the main food packaging methods. Keeping food clean, fresh and safe within the shelf life is the main function of packaging bags.

3. Package or put into the same package. It is a good way to save volume to put similar small items into a package. Powder and granular objects need packaging.

4. Convey information. Packaging and labeling tell people how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of packaging or food.

5. Marketing. Marketing often uses box labels to encourage potential buyers to buy products. For decades, packaging planning has become an insignificant and changing phenomenon. Marketing communication and graphic planning should be applied to the highlights and sales of the outer packaging box (for some reasons).

6. Safety. Packaging can play an important role in reducing transportation safety risks. Packaging can also prevent food from being eaten into other products. This biodegradable packaging bag can prevent food from being eaten illegally. Some food packages are very strong and have anti-counterfeiting marks. Its effect is to protect enterprises and interests from being lost. It has laser marks, special colors, SMS certification and other labels. In addition, in order to prevent theft, retailers put electronic monitoring labels on bags, waiting for consumers to take them to the outlet of the store for degaussing.

7. Convenience. Packaging can be easily purchased, loaded and unloaded, piled, displayed, sold, opened, repackaged, applied and reused.
At present, there are three kinds of so-called environmental protection plastic bags: degradable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, and compostable plastic bags. Everyone thinks that degradability is biodegradation, but in fact, it is not. Only when it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, can it protect the environment. When choosing biodegradable or compostable plastic bags, you need to check whether there is a national plastic bag logo issued by the bag, and judge the production raw materials according to the logo. The commonly used biodegradable or compostable raw materials are PLA and pbat Biodegradable bags can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide in 180 days under natural and industrial composting conditions. They belong to dry organic cycle and are harmless to human body and natural environment.

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