China plastic products factory introduces the green concept of biodegradable tableware

  • 2022-08-02

The green concept of biodegradable tableware is that this kind of biodegradable tableware is produced by fermentation with renewable resources such as corn, potato and crop straw as raw materials, and the high-purity polylactic acid prepared by further purification and polymerization is used as raw material. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a representative of completely biodegradable new bio based materials. It is a biodegradable environmental friendly polymer material with high cost performance at present. Compared with traditional petroleum based materials, polylactic acid can reduce about three tons of carbon dioxide per ton.

This is because polylactic acid has good biodegradability. It is completely degraded by microorganisms and finally produces carbon dioxide and water. Compared with ordinary plastics, which are incinerated, causing a large number of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air, the carbon emission of polylactic acid from raw materials to polymer production process is about one third of that of general plastic polyethylene.

Identification method of biodegradable tableware
Experts suggest that biodegradable tableware can be identified by looking, smelling and tearing.

First of all, we should check whether there is QS logo and number on the lunch box. Secondly, it also depends on whether the surface of the lunch box is smooth and clean, and whether there are impurities or black spots. Generally speaking, transparent plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polypropylene with a high safety factor. Brightly colored lunch boxes may use waste plastic, so the darker the color, the less safe it is.

The second touch is to touch the strength of the lunch box. The lunch box produced with recycled waste or a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate and talc powder is generally very poor in strength, and it will crack with a gentle tear.

Three smells are to smell whether the lunch box has peculiar smell. Qualified lunch boxes can't smell.

Biodegradable tableware

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