Warm hearts meet force | ZhuSen chairman and general manager, happy birthday

  • 2022-11-20
The year 2022 will be the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Senter brand. In 1997, Ms. Ren Xuefen, the founder and chairman of the company, established Dongguan Hengwei Handbag Factory, the predecessor of Sente, with her superhuman courage, and successively created two product brands, Sente and Hengwei. This year, under the joint leadership of the incumbent director and General manager Mr. Guo Aidong, Sente brand continues to empower with an innovative attitude and steadily provide products and services that meet customer expectations.

Busy, has become the daily portrayal of Ren Xuefen chairman and Guo Aidong general manager. In this busy schedule, the thick autumn, the days, also ushered in their birthday. On this special day, all the staff of Sente gathered together to share the joy and touching!

The ceremony is full of colorful balloons, beautiful and fragrant flowers, delicious cakes and heart-filled gifts, accompanied by warm music.... Every affectionate detail is permeated with Sente family's friendship to the chairman and general manager!

In a warm applause, the chairman of the board Ms. Ren Xuefen made a speech on the stage, she said that to provide a platform for employees is the company's consistent management philosophy. I hope that I can take this opportunity to make every employee feel the warmth of the company and be more united and unite together.

Mr. Guo Aidong, general manager, warmly thanked the employees for their birthday wishes, and wished every colleague could shine in Sente, grow together with the company, and realize their life value.

In addition, the management representatives of Senter made speeches to share their growth under the care and cultivation of the chairman and general manager, and sent the most sincere birthday wishes.

In the future, under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, all the staff of Sente will continue to create brilliant!

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