Toxic plastics are eroding children's health

  • 2022-08-26
Wrapped in plastic daily, in the growth of children "wrapped in the end". As small as a baby bottle, pacifier, snack packaging; All kinds of plastic toys and desk chairs.

The Alana Institute recently released "Plasticized Childhood," a study analyzing the relationship between children's advertising, the Brazilian toy market, plastic production and recycling.

How can kids fend off the plastic onslaught? How are people coping with current and future plastic problems? I hope the report will give you a little inspiration.

[Parents' Shopping influenced by their children

"Children have become a large part of the consumer society model," the report said. You can feel it: when it comes to certain purchases, a child's choice is likely to sway the family's final decision.

Brazilians may feel the same way -- 90 per cent of parents admit they are influenced by their children when shopping for children's goods.

As a result, in Brazil, the regulatory regime prohibits targeted advertising to children under the age of 12. Meanwhile, Youtube, the world's largest video site, plans in August 2019 to comply with the US Federal Trade Commission and stop targeting ads to children.

However, these measures still cannot completely eliminate the spread of advertising content of similar nature.

The catch: Children are becoming part of a consumer society

On Brazilian video sites, the unboxing of children's products (the act of filming the unboxing of products) and the we-media works of children's vloggers have a combined total of nearly 12 billion views -- 48 of the platform's 100 most-viewed channels focus on children and teenagers. [2]

The media is bombarding consumers with stimulatory advertisements. For children, watching unboxing videos on toddler YouTube channels is like being invited to a new world of surprise, desire and consumerism.

For the purpose of production, sales and profit, the market can use toys to promote children's advertising in disguise, and turn children into profitable and consumerist target audiences through children's communication as a way of making profits, but they do not know that the danger is also approaching step by step.

The potential hazards of plastic products

It is estimated that more than 90% of the world's toys are now made of plastic materials, with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) accounting for the largest proportion.

Phthalates (PAEs) give PVC its flexibility, but they are actually toxic, and Plasticized Childhood reveals their potential for hormonal problems and cancer in children.

How can children avoid plastic-related health problems?

The bad status of plastic toys has been demonstrated by more and more studies. In view of the existing social situation, the report "Plasticized Childhood" finally proposes five solutions to the plastic problem of children.

1. Make toys from reused materials and new ingredients

Encourage toy industry manufacturers to produce green toys and provide sustainable materials to make toys and their packaging.

As far as the toy industry is concerned, the pace of update and iteration is very fast, and the relevant system and legislation should avoid lagging behind the standard.

2. Formulation and implementation of policies and laws

As far as the toy industry is concerned, the pace of update and iteration is very fast, and the relevant system and legislation should avoid lagging behind the standard.

3. Embrace nature

Avoid prolonged exposure to plastic toys, or have lots of toys, and encourage play in nature.

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4. Encourage toy exchange and donation

After the toys have been used for a while, they can be exchanged with friends or donated to avoid resource consumption.

5. Strengthen the supervision of children's advertisements

There are various forms of advertising and marketing channels, and relevant supervision needs to be strengthened to avoid the early indoctrination of the concept of pleasure consumption to children.

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