China plastic products factory introduces the protective system of kn95 respirator

  • 2022-07-30

Today, I want to share with you the article "three protection systems of kn95 respirator". Interested friends, please follow Dongguan sente plastic products Co., Ltd. to learn about it.

1. Filtration

The material and textile method of kn95 mask make the gap of the mask smaller than the virus volume, and filter out the virus. Ordinary cotton gauze masks mainly play a protective role based on this principle, so their protection efficiency is relatively low.

2. Adsorption

The electrostatic effect of the mask adsorbs the virus on the outer layer of the mask, such as the so-called electrostatic filter layer.

3. Kill

The material of kn95 respirator has the function of sterilization, such as the photocatalyst of Qin dioxide, which directly kills the virus.

Kn95 mask

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