The new blue ocean market is coming,Why is it so popular

  • 2022-01-18

"Pet economy" refers to the fact that young people place their emotions on their pets, and do not hesitate to buy all kinds of cute or practical pet products for their cute pets.

AI media estimates that by 2023, the market size of China's pet industry will reach 592.8 billion RMB. Nowadays, with the consumption upgrading of pet market, the surrounding markets related to pets are gradually warming up. As a standard pet poop bag, the industry market has been experiencing significant growth.

It's the joy of life to walk the dog and the cat. In the face of huge market potential, Dongguan sengtor plastics products Co., Ltd. is deeply engaged in domestic and foreign markets, and is committed to meeting the needs of pet owners, so as to accompany the growth of Chinese pets. sengtor company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of all biodegradable pet poop bags, customizes easy and portable pet poop bags for pets, and is committed to building a domestic high-end brand of pet poop bags.


As a pet degradable bag brand with 11 years of development history, we always adhere to strict production and quality control procedures. We hope to have more sparks with pet owners in the future and make the products more exquisite!

At present, this pet degradable bag has been settled in Alibaba, Jingdong and other stores, bringing a one-stop factory direct selling experience for domestic and foreign pet consumers.

From the nature, protect the nature, the company carefully selected high-quality raw materials, through the scientific ratio, for your pet with healthy natural degradation pet bag, give your pet full of love.


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