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  • 2022-10-10

Discovery of biodegradable active food packaging materials

It is reported that scientists recently extracted biodegradable active food packaging materials from natural raw materials to prolong the preservation time of food.

Scientists use basic fibers composed of starch, corn gluten, cellulose and other natural polymers to infuse natural antibacterial compounds through an electro-discharge process to make films and packaging.

The fibers of this film contain antibacterial compounds, so when humidity rises around fresh food such as fruit, fish, shrimp, or harmful bacteria produce certain enzymes, the surrounding film releases these compounds, killing bacteria or fungi, protecting Food freshness.

Biodegradable active food packaging materials prolong food preservation

Scientists compared the strawberries without the film and the strawberries with the film, and found that the former was only kept for 4 days, and the latter was kept for about 7 days.

Scientists said that the successful development of this biodegradable food packaging material is expected to replace petroleum-based polymer materials such as plastics and make outstanding contributions to food safety and environmental hygiene.

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