Suggestions on accelerating the healthy and orderly development of the biodegradation industry

  • 2022-08-25

In response to the government's No. 80 document on Combating Plastic Pollution, the government should step up enforcement inspections. Aiming at the on-site inspection of difficult problems before, now handheld infrared detector has industrialization quickly, this device can quickly identify by checking whether the product contains such as PE, PP is not completely biodegradable plastic products, can provide law enforcement fast with law enforcement basis, prevent or part of the degradation not biodegradable plastic products into the market. In this regard, all localities should learn from the experience of Hainan, which has issued local standards for rapid market testing. Shenzhen government departments are also in action, are specific rapid testing rules. Therefore, we suggest that market supervision, law enforcement and management departments based on the national standards for rapid detection of degradable plastic products, drawing on Hainan's experience, promulgation of relevant testing rules and punishment provisions.

1, expand the degradation varieties

At present, degradable plastic products have sufficient production, complete varieties and excellent performance, which can fully meet the market demand of various fields. Moreover, plastic products that are easy to cause environmental pollution are not only shopping bags. Therefore, we suggest expanding the degradable varieties, including plastic film, rolling tape, garbage bags, disposable lunch boxes, etc. Disposable masks, cigarette filters, sanitary napkins, diapers and other products prone to plastic pollution are included in the category of strengthening plastic pollution control, especially cigarette filters made of polypropylene fiber, the largest proportion of outdoor leakage.

2. Strictly control product quality

Take plastic shopping bags as an example. At present, plastic shopping bags filled with modified PBAT resin as raw materials have defects such as insufficient strength, which affect consumers' sense of identity and tend to be surpassed by non-woven bags. Therefore, we suggest that the government stipulate the quality of degradable plastic products and strictly require manufacturers to produce in accordance with relevant product standards to ensure the quality of degradable plastic products. At the same time, the market supervision department should conduct regular spot checks and tests to prevent non-compliant products from entering the market. Industry associations should also play a role in regulating the self-production of enterprises. For example, the Biodegradable Resin Branch of China Synthetic Resin Association issued a proposal, requiring that the content of PBAT filler should not be higher than 30%.

3, promote consumer demand

At present, the prices of PBAT and PLA, the main raw materials of degradable plastics, remain high, and the main factor is restricted by upstream raw materials. In the process of promotion and use of biodegradable shopping bags, degradable plastic shopping bags sold in the market are generally 3 times more expensive than non-degradable polyethylene plastic bags. In fact, the factory price of production enterprises is not so high, also about 2 times more expensive than polyethylene. The main reason is that the markup of biodegradable shopping bags is generally more than 50%, which has become a major resistance for consumers to buy. Therefore, we suggest that the supermarket should implement the purchase price sales policy and do not raise the price when selling degradable plastic bags to promote consumer demand. Supermarket markup too hard, become the number one stumbling block to limit plastic?

4, crack down on fake products

At present, we can see that there are two major fake and inferior problems on the market. One is that many non-woven bags being sold and used are of poor quality, bearing weight, moisture-proof and anti-puncture performance are difficult to meet the realistic needs of long-term and multiple use. "Sustainable use" non-woven bags, become "disposable" non-woven bags, lost the real role of preventing plastic pollution. Second, there are a variety of non-detection results on the market support, exaggerated degradation effect of part of the degradation of plastic products. Therefore, we recommend that non-woven bag products with thickness less than 120g/m² and all kinds of partially degraded plastic products be prohibited from entering the market.

5. Introduce export policies

By the end of June 2022, the domestic production capacity of PBAT resin has been about 500,000 tons, and it is expected that the production capacity of PBAT resin will reach 2.26 million tons by the end of 2022. In 2021, the actual sales volume of PBAT resin in China is only 150,000 tons, and it is estimated that the actual sales volume of PBAT resin in 2022 is about 200,000 tons. At present, the domestic PBAT degradation resin has been oversupplied, the market is saturated, the enterprise opening rate is less than 30%. Therefore, in order to avoid the waste of investment of enterprises, we suggest that we should immediately introduce policies to encourage the export of degradable plastic resins, modified materials and products, such as 100% tax rebate on exports, so as to promote relevant products to the international market and provide relevant materials for other friendly countries. I believe that through the joint efforts of leaders, entrepreneurs and industry associations, the sky of the motherland will be bluer, the mountain will be more green, the water will be more beautiful, the grass will be more green, and the flowers will be more brilliant.

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