South Korean convenience stores will ban the use of disposable plastic bags from November

  • 2022-10-29
The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea last year revised and announced the Implementation of the Law on Saving Resources and Promoting Reuse (Implementation Rules), which prohibits the use of disposable plastic bags in comprehensive retail, including convenience stores, and will go into effect on November 24.
Due to different disposable products that cannot be used in different industries, it is expected that there will be confusion among consumers at the initial stage of implementation. The Ministry of Environment is also studying countermeasures to reduce chaos during the transition period.

The most representative restriction on disposable products is to prohibit the use of disposable plastic bags. So far, it is only forbidden to use it in large-scale stores such as large supermarkets and supermarkets with an area of more than 165 square meters. However, from the 24th of next month, comprehensive retail enterprises such as convenience stores and pastry stores will also be prohibited from using plastic bags.

Plastic bags are not only provided for customers who purchase in person, but also for those who are taken away by the delivery clerk after ordering online. Therefore, the convenience store plans to sell paper bags, recyclable cloth bags, metering bags, etc. 7-eleven said: "We plan to provide paper bags at the same price as existing plastic bags (100-150 won), or separately sell reusable bags or metering bags.

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