Sony will remove plastic packaging from mobile phones and earphones from 2023

  • 2022-11-09
As the plastic structure is stable, it will not separate in the natural environment for a long time, and will continuously accumulate into pollutants in the environment, affecting our environment. In order to protect the environment, many brands have begun to reduce plastic packaging and plastic bags.

Recently, according to the Nikkei News, Sony will begin to remove the plastic packaging of earphones, cameras and mobile phones next year.

According to the Nikkei News, from next year, Sony products with a brand weight of 1 kg or less will no longer use plastic packaging, and will cover 40% of Sony's products shipped in 2021. Plastic packaging will be removed for products such as smartphones, headphones, cameras, etc. It is reported that Sony Xperia PRO-I mobile phone is the first Xperia mobile phone to realize zero plastic packaging of single product.

The package of earphones launched by Sony will be changed into paper products. At present, the package of Sony MDR EX15AP earphones has been redesigned. It is understood that the amount of plastic in the package has been reduced from 96% to less than 5%.

Sony also recently introduced a new LinkBuds S headset made of recycled water bottle materials, named "Earth Blue". The headset has a unique appearance, similar to cream blue, and is decorated with light swirls, like marble.

It is understood that Sony will achieve zero environmental footprint by 2050.

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