She uses fruit waste to make 100% biodegradable materials, which I feel like I can't afford.

  • 2022-11-01
PEELSPHERE®, a new biodegradable material developed by new materials researcher and designer Song Youyang, was recently exhibited at Shanghai Pearl Art Museum.

Song Youyang is committed to the research of new biodegradable materials and the research and development of new material production technology, as well as the design of its material derivative products.

So far she has developed four new materials: one based on fruit waste; The second is translucent natural plant-dyed material; The third is leather-like material; The fourth is hard materials, such as biodegradable buttons.

While studying in Berlin, Song found it impossible to find a fully biodegradable material on the market to aid her design. Her search for sustainable materials led her to focus on fruit skins with "a nice texture, delicate touch and good smell". Together with her colleagues in the studio, she transformed banana peels from waste to treasure. Through polymer technology and self-designed manufacturing process, the result is a new waterproof material, PEELSPHERE®, which retains the aroma and texture of the fruit. It can be dyed with natural dyes, embroidered, woven or sewn into a wide variety of products.

As a biodegradable material that is 100% recyclable, PEELSPHERE® redefines the relationship between materials and sustainability by observing and exploiting the renewability of plants, focusing on the potential of fruit waste and seaweed. Through recycling, redesign, and reuse, PEELSPHERE® achieves a closed-loop loop design and is transformed into an environmentally friendly biodegradable biomaterial that is both aesthetic and high-performance, providing an ideal alternative to leather and synthetic leather. PEELSPHERE® is taken from nature and can be returned to nature.

We focus on the idea of recycling design, from the waste like peel or oat residue, to the production materials, to the product, and finally the material degradation or recycling, all the way through. PEELSPHERE® materials take inspiration from nature and finally return to the soil to nurture new life. So far PEELSPHERE® has developed four new materials: the first is based on fruit waste; The second is translucent natural plant-dyed material; The third is leather-like material; The fourth is hard materials, such as biodegradable buttons.

At the beginning of my material development, I focus on the integration of material functionality and design. The addition of fruit waste gives each piece of material a unique texture. Through the combination of polymer technology and design aesthetics, I want to advocate a healthy, comfortable, balanced, self-harmonious and loving lifestyle.

I hope to change people's stereotype of biomaterials through PEELSPHERE® new material. PEELSPHERE® new material is a completely recyclable material, which takes into account both performance and design aesthetics, and is sustainable. The material does not need a specific environment for degradation, and can be degraded in the soil without causing pollution. One of the projects we've been working on is to apply new materials to product packaging, where we tell consumers how to recycle or degrade products at the end of their life cycle. We will guide people to do this, so that people feel involved, consumers can see the whole process of material production, design, degradation.

Through our design language, we hope to provide new insights into modern life, so that people can feel that they are making a contribution to environmental protection when using this new material, so as to influence more people around them and gradually deepen the concept of environmental protection and sustainability. This is also our vision.

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