Sengtor Performance PK Competition: My Name is Champion

  • 2022-04-09

Go against the current and strengthen the layout... If there is one sentence to describe the style of the sengtor brand team in 2022, I think this sentence could not be better.


In the first quarter of 2022, under the background of the outbreak of the epidemic, many corporate brands are struggling to move forward. However, since the start of construction this year, sengtor Brands has carried out drastic reforms in the marketing model, fully stimulated the brand's marketing vitality, and took the lead. Sound the rallying call for the decisive victory in 2022.


The marketing red and black list PK competition starts, who will win the championship


On the morning of April 8, sengtor brand started the 2022 Marketing Development Performance Circle Competition. This time, the company specially formulated a performance PK competition with the theme of "My Name is Champion". The drums of the marketing PK competition are sounding, and all the sales elites have signed departmental and personal "military orders".

Figure 1: sengtor brand elite team PK scene


As in previous years, 2022 will still follow the previous creative elite team PK, elite individual PK and monthly target claim mode.

Figure 3: Speech by the representative of sengtor new salesman

Figure 4: Speech by the representative of sengtor

The difference is that this round of competition has set up a comprehensive marketing elite team and individual "red and black list" mode, and at the same time adopts the "monthly PK, monthly summary" working mechanism, and strives to win the second quarter's performance "good start".

Figure 5: Ms. Ren Xuefen, Chairman of sengtor, delivered a speech

Figure 6: Mr. Guo Aidong, General Manager of Sent, delivering a speech 

Figure 7: Group photo of all the elites of sengtor

As one of the important marketing model layouts for the decisive victory in 2022, the sengtor brand took the lead in starting this battle. In addition, the brand will also focus on the horizontal expansion of the business line, and will strengthen its performance growth trump card by extending product application scenarios in depth.

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