Sengtor brand performance PK competition review

  • 2022-05-08

At present, many companies are facing multiple pressures from changes in the external epidemic situation and internal reforms. Although various development uncertainties are emerging in an endless situation, Sengtor brand is still firmly launched the second quarter marketing strategy, and in the difference of the market competition, the company has achieved high performance by attacking the city and pulling out the village.

On April 9, 2022, the battle for the elite of the Sengtor brand started, and the elite performance marketing PK competition officially ended on April 30! During this period, the Sengtor elite team burst out a surging endogenous growth force, and through the product matrix to consolidate the chassis, a new Sengtor team is being formed, mutual growth and progress, and become an important promoter of brand performance growth .

At present, Sengtor strategy of upgrading its marketing model has achieved initial results. In terms of marketing management, Sengtor Brand insists on optimizing the marketing management structure, formulating the "Internet +" independent sales strategy of diversified channels, and speeding up the data construction of the layout and marketing process. Over the years, the company has formed a marketing system structure with a clear division of labor between domestic and foreign trade, realized the dual-track marketing strategy of "large-scale customization + own brand", strengthened the coverage of domestic and foreign major customers, and achieved good customer resources and business transformation. results.

As a high-tech enterprise,Sengtor brand is market-oriented and attaches great importance to product technology accumulation and innovation. Since 2019, the Sengtor brand has increased its investment in the research and development of new products, new technologies and new processes year by year, which has brought the company a continuous and good business capability.

In recent years, the Sengtor brand has attached great importance to the sense of consumer experience, strengthened product updates and iterations, and continuously met consumer needs. The Sengtor brand actively supports the research and development of new products with key core technologies, and has carried out inflatable shock-absorbing transparent plastic bags, practical technology of environmentally friendly moisture-proof and moisture-proof transparent plastic bags, double-layer rotating storage gift storage boxes, flip-top storage boxes, and charging double doors. A total of 52 scientific and technological achievements have been transformed into the research and development of topics such as two-compartment folding PU storage boxes.

The diversified product matrix formed by core products such as fully biodegradable bag series, game peripheral supporting storage box series, high-end stationery series, non-medical mask series, etc., gradually opens the growth ceiling for the brand and becomes the customs clearance code for the brand to win the market.

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