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  • 2022-09-05

Everyone goes to the supermarket to buy things
Don't look at buying too many things
come down
Lots of plastic bags on hand

some people think
Not having a plastic bag would be inconvenient
The "war" of banning and restricting plastics
already imminent

Let's take a look at this set of data
Globally, 1 million plastic bags are consumed every minute
The total annual plastic consumption in the world is 400 million tons
Only 14% of plastic packaging in the world is currently recycled
In the end, only 10% were effectively recycled
About 8 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year
It all adds up to 420 times around the earth

How terrible is plastic waste?
Over 100,000 marine animals per year
Died from being entangled in plastic bags or accidentally ingesting plastic bags
Their living space is invaded by garbage
food filled with garbage
probably because of a rubbish
lead to the extinction of marine life

Crane trapped in man-made plastic waste

Sea turtle deformed by plastic loop

The polar bear who mistook plastic waste for food

marine animals living in garbage dumps

Animals that accidentally got into plastic casings

These plastic bags thrown into the ocean
The degradation time is 200~1000 years
Plastic landfills take up a lot of land
And the occupied land soil is polluted
long-term recovery

in daily life

Start with these nine little things

◆ 1. Prepare a reusable shopping bag and bring it with you whenever you go shopping.

◆ 2. Limit the consumption of bottled water, it is best to prepare a recyclable water bottle. Data shows that more than 1 million bottles of drinking water are sold every minute around the world. Bottled water is one of the main sources of plastic waste.

◆ 3. Abandon disposable coffee cups and buy a good-looking and practical cup. Disposable coffee cup lids are mostly plastic products.

◆ 4. Eat less chewing gum, as they contain plastic and certainly cannot be recycled.

◆ 5. Avoid using cleaning products containing plastic microbeads. Plastic microbeads are solid plastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm, which are widely used in toothpaste, facial cleanser, shower gel and other cleaning products. Microbeads will pollute the environment and destroy marine ecology.

◆ 6. No disposable razors.

◆ 7. Replace plastic containers with cardboard boxes.

◆ 8. Use airtight jars and fresh-keeping boxes to preserve food, and discard fresh-keeping bags.

◆ 9. No plastic straws. If you really need it, choose paper straws, or edible straws made of seaweed.

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