Plastic pollution control will enter a new historical stage

  • 2022-09-16

As we all know, plastic pollution is a common topic, and many people still remember the "plastic restriction order" that year. In the past two years, the problem of plastic pollution control has heated up again in China. Coincidentally, more than three months ago, the resumed fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly passed the resolution "Ending Plastic Pollution: Develop an International Legally Binding Instrument", aiming to start intergovernmental negotiations and reach an international agreement by the end of 2024. legally binding agreement. "Plastic pollution has become the second largest environmental concern after climate change.

Zhang Deyuan said. Looking back at the process of plastic pollution control in my country, after 2000, with the increasingly serious problem of "white pollution", the use of plastic shopping bags and foam lunch boxes is rampant, and the pollution problem caused by plastic waste has attracted much attention from the society. In response to "white pollution", in 2007, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Restricting the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags in Production and Sales", requiring shopping malls and supermarkets to charge for the use of plastic shopping bags. "Driven by this policy, in recent years, shopping malls have The use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets has dropped by more than 90%. "But Zhang Deyuan's words have changed." In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery, and takeaway industries, the use of plastic packaging has increased rapidly, and plastic pollution, especially marine plastic pollution, has become the focus of international attention. The problem is becoming more and more serious, and it has aroused extensive attention of the society.

"According to the report released by the United Nations Environment Programme, the total amount of plastic waste in the ocean is about 75 million to 199 million tons, and the number of plastic waste in the ocean continues to increase by 9 million to 14 million tons every year. If no effective action is taken, by 2040 In 2018, the amount of plastic waste discharged into the water ecosystem will increase by nearly three times. The "618" e-commerce online promotion event is coming, how should all parties related to online shopping do a good job in plastic pollution control? Long-term engaged in the "Extended Producer Responsibility System" Zhang Deyuan, the researcher, expressed his views on this. He said that online consumption has gradually become a new trend in life. While enjoying the convenience brought by online shopping, everyone should pay attention to reducing the use of plastic packaging as much as possible. The main body must participate extensively. Among them, the e-commerce platform must earnestly fulfill the management responsibility of the platform enterprise, and take practical measures to encourage and guide the merchants to use green packaging; the merchants who settle on the platform must adopt the original direct delivery method in accordance with the relevant national regulations to reduce the delivery of goods. The use of plastics in secondary packaging in the process should actively adopt green packaging; express companies should increase the use of recirculating transfer boxes and transfer bags in the process of product delivery services, and use environmentally friendly products such as slimming tape and green fillers, and actively Provide green packaging for merchants; consumers should properly dispose of packaging waste after receiving the goods. Those that can be recycled should be handed over to specialized recycling personnel. Use. Nowadays, when talking about plastic pollution control, people often mention degradable plastics, and people have high expectations for this kind of disposable non-degradable plastic replacement products. However, Zhang Deyuan said frankly: "Currently degradable plastics In terms of performance, it is far from the level of traditional plastics, and the cost is 50% to 100% higher than that of traditional plastics. He said that due to the inability to keep up with the detection capabilities, the imperfect standard labeling management system, and the common phenomenon of false and false labels in the market, the degradable plastics market also has mixed phenomena, and it is generally difficult for consumers to distinguish between the good and the bad. and identified.

In addition, degradable plastics need to be sorted and collected separately after use, and can be completely degraded under industrial conditions, but it is difficult to completely degrade under natural conditions. If degradable plastics are mixed into other plastics, it will bring a lot of trouble to the recycling of other plastics. Therefore, he believes that the promotion of degradable plastics needs to continue to be improved from the aspects of product performance, cost of use, and the construction of a full life cycle management system, and its promotion still needs scientific demonstration and orderly development. From the early stage of plastic pollution control focusing on the governance of key areas, to the comprehensive control stage centered on the development of plastic recycling economy, and then to the new development stage of carrying out the whole chain of plastic pollution control, my country's plastic pollution control work has gradually deepened. Zhang Deyuan said that in recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have issued a series of policies and measures to increase the control of plastic pollution, which has achieved remarkable results and contributed "China's power" to global plastic pollution control. Looking forward to the future prospects of plastic pollution control, Zhang Deyuan said: "Plastic pollution is a major global challenge, and ending plastic pollution requires global efforts. The United Nations Environment Assembly at its resumed session passed "Ending Plastic Pollution: Develop an International Legally Binding Instrument" It is decided that under this new background, countries around the world, including my country, will continue to increase their governance efforts, and plastic pollution control will enter a new historical stage."

The fight against plastic pollution ushered in a historic moment. On March 2 this year, at the resumption of the fifth United Nations Environment Assembly held in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, heads of state, environment ministers and other representatives from 175 countries adopted the "End Plastic Pollution: The Develop an International Legally Binding Instrument resolution aims to create a legally binding global agreement by the end of 2024 to end plastic pollution, including in the marine environment. The resolution addresses the entire life cycle of plastics, including their production, design and disposal. The resolution decides to create an intergovernmental negotiating committee that will begin work in 2022 with the goal of completing a draft legally binding global agreement by the end of 2024. The instrument will reflect the entire life cycle of handling plastics, involving the design of reusable and recyclable products and materials, and the need for enhanced international cooperation to facilitate access to technology, capacity building and scientific and technological cooperation. UN Environment Executive Director Inge Anderson said: "This marks a victory for the planet over single-use plastic. This is the most important multilateral agreement on the environment since the Paris Agreement. It's insurance for this and future generations. , they may have plastic in their lives, but they will not be destroyed by plastic."

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