Plastic Ban Science丨Plastic pollution is so harmful, do you know?

  • 2022-09-07
Since the invention of plastic, the use of plastic products has become increasingly widespread, bringing great convenience to people's daily life. But at the same time, the problem of plastic pollution is also becoming more and more serious, and it has become a hot environmental issue of general concern around the world. How to find a balance between the convenience of life and the protection of the environment has become a common issue facing the world, and it is also a problem that each of us needs to think deeply about.

People mainly reflect the "visual pollution" and "potential harm" issues, and most people still lack awareness of the long-term and deep "potential harm" of waste plastic packaging. Specifically, it can be said from the following aspects:

First, there is too much land occupation. Plastic garbage stays in nature for a long time, generally up to 200-400 years, and some up to 500 years.

Second, pollute the air. Plastic, confetti, and dust fly with the wind.

Third, pollute water bodies. The plastic bottles and lunch boxes floating on the river and sea surface, the plastic bags and bread paper hanging on the branches above the water surface not only cause environmental pollution, but also harm the health of animals if they eat the white garbage by mistake. Undigested and starved to death.

Fourth, fire hazards. Almost all white garbage is combustible, and methane and other combustible gases will be generated during the natural stacking process. Fire accidents that are easily caused by open flames or spontaneous combustion continue to occur, often causing heavy losses.

Fifth, white garbage may become a nest of harmful organisms. They can provide food, habitat and breeding places for mice, birds and mosquitoes, and the residues are often the source of infectious diseases.

Sixth, after the waste plastic packaging enters the environment, because it is difficult to degrade, it will cause long-term and deep-level ecological and environmental problems. First of all, waste plastic packaging is mixed in the soil, which affects the absorption of nutrients and water by crops, which will lead to a reduction in crop production; waste plastic packaging mixed with domestic waste is difficult to deal with: landfill treatment will occupy land for a long time, and domestic waste mixed with plastic It is not suitable for composting, and the sorted waste plastics are difficult to recycle because they cannot guarantee the quality; if livestock eat plastic film, it will cause digestive tract diseases and even death of livestock.

I call on everyone here
We must pay attention to the problem of plastic pollution
more support, more participation
Don't use what you can, use less if you can
Don't litter
It's not necessarily superheroes who "save the planet"
Maybe it's just a little detail of you and me in life

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